It May Be Cold but I Won't Snuggle up with Just Anyone

Earlier this week I was playing phone tag with my 84-years-young neighbor lady. Let's call her "Ronnie."  She'd left a note on my door--actually, one of her travel agency business cards--asking me to call her on Monday.  I'd come home a little early as the result of our teacher in-service, but when I called I had to leave a message.  I went back out to go to the gym and do laundry at my parents' and as a result didn't get home until late.  She left a message saying she wanted to ask me something.  A favor, I thought.

Late yesterday afternoon as I was starting to pull together things to bake my zucchini-pineapple muffins, Ronnie called.

She wanted to set me up with a guy.

If you need to refresh your memory so you understand why my inner alarm went off, go read here (Item #2--and yes I thought she'd told me she was in her seventies) and come back.

O.K., so now you know where this is headed.

This time it was the former maintenance guy from our apartment community (he now works for another community in the area).  I guess she keeps in touch with all these people, maybe habitually as part of her running her own business.

"He did our maintenance, oh, I guess it was 20 years ago," Ronnie says.

Wait a minute--20 years!?  Let's do the math here.

"Uh, how old is this guy?" I ask her.

"I think 45," she says.

So of course I tell her my actual age and that I'd like to look into guys closer to my age.  She says she understands that--and yet, she goes on about meeting people and talking up this guy.  Which includes revealing that "he's not happy with his current girlfriend.  She's no good for him."  Excuse me?

I have to think of a way to derail this for good.  Even when I try to ask what he's interested in and we find there are few things we have in common (surprise) she shrugs it off.  I've had enough.

"So tell me, Ronnie--does he go to church?" I ask.

"Well, he used to go [to a Catholic church], but then he was going to his girlfriend's [non-denominational] church"--oh jeez, like they're interchangeable--"but even though he'd divorced he was still going."

"Divorced? Ronnie, if he's divorced but he didn't get an annulment, then I wouldn't feel comfortable going out with him anyway."  I was so done with the conversation by that point.  I try to be gracious and tell her thanks for thinking of me but please just tell the guy (because naturally she's already mentioned me to him) I've got a lot going on--which I do, with work and three trivia events in the next two weeks, and so on--and I think I'm going to go back to online dating anyway.

At which point she tells me that she--who does not even know how to use a computer--has been having a friend help her with a senior dating profile and she's talked to three nice men already.

Maybe I should just move into a cave and come out when I'm 70 in hopes my luck will better then.


Prediction Update and Revision UPDATED! (Seemingly Redundant!)

We did have an early dismissal today.  (Why we even were there in the first place is beyond me.)  School started the dismissal process at 10:45, but for some kids it was a while before their bus arrived.  I left at about 12:20 after a fun time cleaning the snow off my car (only to have it blow back into my face--stupid wind).

I got home at about 1:15 p.m.  Almost an hour's ride.

It normally takes me around half an hour in regular "rush hour" traffic.  The roads are terrible, and not only was it slow going but it also involved high volume--everyone left early.

Snow is still falling steadily.  I don't think there will be school tomorrow.  The fact that it's going to snow well into the night and then remain frigid isn't gonna help things.  Not playing trivia tonight.  Already there was a notice that my Wednesday evening pilates class is canceled.

Nobody's going anywhere for a while!  Good thing I have supplies!

Supplies from the public library: Iron Man 3 DVD & tons of books

Supplies from school: two pork sandwiches left over from yesterday's in-service, as well as a roll of TP (that I plan to replace! It totally slipped my mind!)

Supplies from Mom: Homemade vegetable soup (yum!)

There is one very happy kitty who is pleased I am home--off to go hang out with The Cat.

UPDATED 8:40 p.m.: Got the recorded phone message notification call at 8--Snow Day!!!



My Snow Prediction

Early dismissal tomorrow (Tuesday), 2 hour delay Wednesday.  Or perhaps a full day off on Wednesday (oh please, oh please).

What, did you think I was going to predict the amount of snow?


I'll Tell You What I DO Know

. . . because what I don't know is something I'm trying to put out of my mind. (Two interviews in a week, and then--cold.  Either they've put the brakes on the position, or it's on me to call to make their rejection of me official.  Is this typical nowadays?)

So, on to what I do know:

  • I received my check for winning my football pool's season.  That was $300+ and I certainly have plans for it.
  • Some of my plans involve treating my niece and nephews.  Part I was taking Niece (9) and Blarney (5-1/2) to a children's concert put on by the orchestra of which Library Elf is a member.  So we got to watch her play several great pieces.  Niece declared the premise of Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre" to be "cool" (Death plays the violin and calls all graveyard denizens to the party--must be her mom's side of the family with the twisted humor) and we "meowed" along with "The Waltzing Cat."  Blarney was right on cue with the "meows."
  •  After the concert, we had lunch.  I should say, I had a hamburger and watched the kids eat an extraordinary amount of food.  Good thing I had a coupon. We also used the restaurant's WiFi to look up which instruments were represented in "Peter and the Wolf" (also played at the concert) in order to settle an argument about which instrument was Grandfather. . . although I suspect it may vary depending on the arrangment/orchestra.
Naptime > Hooman's need to access bathroom sink before church.
  • The Cat, after a reduction of her hyperthyroid medication, has stopped shedding and matting dramatically.  While it has been a longstanding tradition for her to rip my arms off if I try to brush her, she at last has (luke)warmed up to the idea and I have managed to eliminate all but one mat which is right by her tail.  (Might try to cut that one off while she's sleeping--deafness means she won't hear me coming. But probably I'll have to get my cuts in one nap at a time.)
  • I have three (3!) trivia nights/fundraisers in the next two weeks.  This could prove to be very fun or very exhausting.  Or both. 
  • Lastly, I got in touch with a professional organizer who I hope will be able to figure out what I can't seem to with respect to my living room/office (dining room)/kitchen situation.  Five years and I still don't know where to put everything.  So I guess that's something I don't know but plan to find out.

Stay tuned for updates on my crazy ventures.



Working My Confidence Left and Right

Can't say much more than that right now, but I will say that reminding myself I chose that word does motivate me to do things.

I will have more to say this weekend, so stay tuned!



My "Theme Word" for 2014 Will Be. . .


I recently came across a post recommended by Amy Spencer (longtime readers might recall my interactions with her a few years ago) in an e-newsletter she sends out on occasion--but [updated 01/19/2014 with the correct link] here is the link on her website.

Where was I?  Theme word for the new year.

In summary, Amy Spencer's idea is an alternative to setting a concrete resolution or goal for the new year: "Think about how you want to feel. . . as you walk through the world [and then] come up with a word or phrase that best describes that feeling."  I happened to be talking with someone close to me a few days ago and he picked up on the word "confidence."

"That's it!" I said, most likely punctuating it with a hand gesture.  "That is going to be my word for 2014; it's going to be the Year of Confidence.  I'm going to make a fancy little banner with that word and decorate it, and hang it up over the mirror on my bureau!"  I totally had forgotten I'd printed out Amy Spencer's idea a few days prior, but it certainly must have been lurking in the recesses of my brain and popped up during that conversation.

I do want to have confidence "oozing out of my pores" as Amy says--particularly when I'm meeting new people, or giving a presentation at work, or (please God) facing a great new job prospect.  More than wanting it, I need it.  Confidence has been something that I seem to hold only on a temporary basis, and most of the time not when I really need it.  (Although I do think I managed to tap into some of it when I handled a situation at the public library shortly before Christmas. More about that to come.)

And confidence would be really helpful when I have to convince myself of things--especially when I have to convince myself that I am deserving of good things.  That good things can and do happen to me.

Truly, I want to be confident of that.

So, is anybody else with me? Who else is picking a theme word for his or her 2014?