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Things to Do with a Summer Vacation

I'm finally getting into the groove of summer vacation.

Just in time to go back to school for two days and then off to Hershey for a leadership meeting.

But that's O.K., because I thought I was staying out of trouble by doing some part-time coverage at the public library, training Peep to stay down from the TV (ha), and figuring out my fitness/weight management plan to handle my recently diagnosed fibroids (ugh). . . and then this weekend I signed up for online dating.

Not even 24 hours on the site and already I've gotten. . .

1. Messaged by a dude when I wasn't even 100% done filling out my profile.  Didn't read a thing, I am sure.  A few other "messages" from other members came through but most were just those dumb "Hi" or "wink" (ugh) picture-grams.  I don't have time for people who can't take a minute to write at least one sentence in their own words.

2. Many views on my profile. . . but most of the men on the "viewed my pr…

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