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The Clean-up Is On

I have decided I need to work on cleaning up my apartment (pre-packing), my work, and my personal life.

Time is one of the biggest challenges to cleaning up.

Right up there with it is my emotional/mental exhaustion from both work and personal things.  If you've been following along for the past, I don't know, year or so, you've seen a series of hurt and disappointments parading through my life and it is all I can do to be kind to myself and take time-outs just to keep myself going.

This past month, sixth grade has been particularly challenging to teach.  I have been yelled at, called racist (along with another teacher), and just plain sulked at by a bunch of immature kids who think they know everything and yet give up the second I give them challenging work that requires them to think.  As to the racist accusations? Honey, (A) let me show you my family albums and (B) if I were racist I sure as hell would not be a librarian in a public school or anywhere that dealt with the ge…

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