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Departure, and Arrivals

(Yes, things look a little different on the ol' blog.  I felt like making a change.)

I didn't mean to leave a major lag time between updates, but--March happened.

March brought the loss of my great-aunt, the last remaining sibling of my mom's mom.  She was the Mercy nun we'd visit in Baltimore--or she'd visit us, often on holidays.  In recent months her health had not been great, but 94 years was quite the full life.  I'll never forget her bright (sometimes impish!) smile, the trips to see her, and especially the fact that she wanted me to have Great-Aunt E's bedroom set as an acknowledgement of my "errand girl" contributions when my mom was helping take care of E. in her final days.

I felt a little resentful that I was the only one of my siblings to make it to the funeral--and I couldn't "not show up," because I was asked to sing for the funeral and other goings-on (which she would've hated, all that fuss!).  It was actually kind o…

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