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Novel Writing, Book Sale Hell, and More Meetups

Not super interested in going to sleep, because tomorrow when I wake up, it will be book sale week at school.  Cue the meltdowns--and I don't mean mine.

I know, it could be worse, like when I had coworkers jumping all over me about it at my old school.  But still, it's not a fun week for me and probably not fun for kids who can't spend money and need to borrow books. Ugh.

I also had a sort-of date tonight.  Met someone for dinner.  He'd messaged me online a few weeks ago and seemed kind of normal, but he lives in Maryland.   Next thing I know, he's visiting family in the area (because he grew up the Philly 'burbs) and wants to have dinner.  O.K.  I'm a little tired because this was my weekend to work at the library and I'm getting over a minor case of the sniffles (plus it's the second anniversary for The Cat), but what the heck.

He's nice.  I still think he's too old for me and we might not have enough in common, but he's pretty decent at …

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