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The Opera-Singing Fairy Had a Date with a Younger Man and Might Not End Up Homeless

Just blowing through (flitting around?) with an update. . .

1. As I mentioned last time, I auditioned for a G&S opera and got into the chorus.  I will be an opera-singing fairy in May (and June and possibly overseas in August).  So I have lots of music to learn and some staging and PLEASE DON'T LET THERE BE TOO MUCH CHOREOGRAPHY because I'm uncoordinated!  They told us we need to think about our character; I have decided my fairy name is either Buttercup or Daisy and all the animals in the woods love me.  Sounds pretty good, right?  I'll let you know if they approve of my character choice.  I think they will because everyone is just lovely and fun.  It's exhausting having practice up to twice a week, but I'm managing so far.

2.  Also as mentioned last time, there was a get-together with drinks planned with Decently Notable Age Difference Man.  We did meet down in Old City Philadelphia, tried different beers, talked and laughed.  Yes, there is a decently notable a…

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