Back in School

Sad that summer is unofficially over, but a lot (good and bad) did happen.  I'm more upset about the things that did not happen, like the total inside-out cleaning of my apartment, but I'll work on that this weekend.  Chef is at the shore for the "bachelor weekend" for his cousin whose wedding we will attend in a few weeks.  

And no, I'm not worried he's doing anything bad.  In fact, I'm feeling a little bummed for him because he's sort of "babysitting" his relatives while they're drinking--he doesn't drink, for medical reasons mostly.  It's not fun being the only sober one in the room, I know that much.  And frankly I think these guys (most of them a few years his senior--and mine) are too old for that kind of "partying."  It bothers me no one's trying to make sure everyone has a good time.  Kind of rude.

I struggled with bad anxiety before the first in-service on Wednesday, and having bad PMS did not help the situation.  In a few months I expect the PMS will lessen as the result of the progesterone treatments, but we'll see.  The most anxious thing was the class schedule was up in the air for days--and was looking as if I might have to go teach kindergarten library classes at another school to help out, ridiculous because we're still the biggest elementary--but today it all got ironed out and it appears I actually have a tiny bit more breathing room in my schedule.  That's an answer to prayers right there.

Will I be ready for classes to start Tuesday? Probably not.  I was out all day at meetings today, and I have an off-site meeting Monday morning.  So Monday afternoon is it--and remember, I just got my schedule (after already having planned out three weeks of lessons which I now have to "fix").  My assistant was in yesterday and half of today, and won't be in Monday.  

On top of that, they re-drew the school boundaries so I've "lost" some students (mostly good ones, a couple of pests) and have some new ones.  The proportion of students in poverty and/or not speaking English as a first language has risen.  But I'm kind of excited about the challenge and I hope that encouraging them to embrace literacy will open doors for them here and in the future.

When I was putting away some extra packs of scratch paper under the Circ desk, I found an old dusty mug.  Inside it was a weird piece of plastic, a crusted-on, disintegrated rubber band, and a penny.

The penny's year was my birth year.

I try not to look for signs, but I really think it was a somewhat-needed confirmation that I'm in the right place.




For me, and for the car.

Me: Eight blood tests later, my GYN called me with the results.  "You definitely have low progesterone," she told me. "Very low, actually."  (Interesting article here but just so you're not startled, there's a big ol' medical photo in the middle of it.)

Kind of a bummer and a relief at the same time, you know?  I didn't want something to be wrong with me, but really I knew something was and at least now that it's been identified we can move on to treatment.

I'm starting off with the doc's recommended progesterone supplement, taken in the latter half of my cycle.  It's being compounded at a pharmacy downtown and will be sent to me.  I also decided to go back to acupuncture because I think it will be complimentary, and the practicioners specialize in women's health.  I'm going Tuesday.  Basically, I just want to talk to somone and see what I can do to get myself back on track.  

The sooner the better--school's starting again soon, the wedding's not far behind, and just generally I can't wait to start feeling good. Really good.

The car: $400 later there are new brakes and an oil change.  My parents picked up the car for me as I'd been called in to the public library for coverage (horrible reason, I can't even go into it, just keep praying for the co-worker's family).  Dad gave me the receipt and under "Recommendations" it said "Left side cam seal, leaking oil."

Fantastic.  Things are just never-ending with this car.

The other reason the bill was so high was that I had the headlights sanded.  13-plus years of being outside had clouded up the headlights to the point that my mechanic said the visibility was starting to be compromised.  I believe it because I swear I've been cut off so many times in the past year I was starting to wonder if I was invisible.  Supposed to cost me 60 but I saw it was 80 on the receipt (grrr) but OH MY GOSH they are bright and shiny.

After I gave my mom back her car and took mine home, I parked in my usual area in the lot behind my building.  There were two boys on bikes, just tooling around (in the dark, I grumbled to myself, grateful I was able to see them with the brighter headlights).  As I crossed the lot to go up the steps to the building door, one of the kids buzzed by and then circled back.

"Nice car!  Is it, uh, used?"

"No, honey, it's pretty old," I replied without missing a beat.

Fending off the advances of what was starting to sound like Korean Eddie Haskell Notices a Lady Because She's Wearing a Skirt.

You might want to try working on your smoothness, kid.