The Maiden Post

I've been thinking about starting a blog for the past year, but every time the idea came up the sensible part of me asked, "Are you nuts? You're working full time, and you're going to grad school full time--you don't have time for this." The time seems right, now: I'm halfway through my grad school program, and I've made a lot of great "invisible internet friends" that deserve some reciprocation for hosting me on their blogs.

So, here goes. I'm not promising stellar stuff. I'm not even promising coherent thoughts 100% of the time. But I'd like to share my ideas from time to time, and maybe even have some fun.

Not allowing comments at this time, because I don't have time to moderate them, but feel free to e-mail me: StingsLuv aaaat gmail dotcom.

("StingsLuv" was the name of my alter ego superheroine sidekick for a comic strip a friend and I created in high school. When you go to an all girls' school, you wind up with a superheroine named The Skirted Wonder. If demand is there, I'll gladly explain further.)

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