Blink, and the Schedule Changes

I am dying to post about a couple of controversies (at least that I've heard of in the past week or so) that a certain bestselling series that has been generating (among some disgruntled people, anyway), but of course I ran out of time tonight. Still gotta make my lunch before I get to bed. Nope, my voice isn't back to normal yet. Having to raise my voice over a bunch of unruly students (I'm looking at you, third grade) isn't helping. I have pretty much no upper register--which makes my usual singing in the car just a bunch of pathetic squeaks. *sigh* Can't wait to try the recipe Amy suggested in the previous post.

My dad, the originator of the nasty cold, is struggling to get better--still--and has decided we aren't going to the thank-you dinner for the musicians at the one parish where we help out. (I wouldn't go without him because I don't really know anybody else there.) So now my Friday night is mine again.

I might actually get the Friday Five posted this week. That makes me happy.

Now, if I could just get some sleep.


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