Recapping the Week

The week was pretty busy. . .

  • The Cat went to a different vet this week.  Her neck hasn't been getting any better--in fact, she was losing more fur and getting more cuts--and her usual vet had pretty much thrown up his hands and didn't want to see her about that issue anymore.  (I know, I'm not thrilled with what's been going on there.)
  • The vet she saw this week has a background in holistic medicine and I figured it was worth a shot, because the standard approaches hadn't done much for her.  And she actually was calmed down for him!  Maybe the time we took in the waiting room doing her medical history (they were stunned at the amount of issues/medication) helped her chill out.  Or maybe it was the "flower essence" spray the vet's wife had made up--or maybe she was freaked out and it made her timid.  I dunno.
  • The Cat underwent a little bit of acupuncture and Vitamin B12 injections around the affected area.  Nobody got scratched or bitten! Hooray!  She was kind of "meh" for about the next day or so, but Friday she got right up and took her medicine, ate some food.  It was a good day.  She's still fussy about her food, but we're also trying a hypoallergenic food.  It's only in dry form, but lately she hasn't been crazy about canned food, so maybe she'll get interested in it.  The vet would like her to eat better and take less medication.  We'll see how far we get with that--but in the meantime, I have to apply a skin healing remedy which she finds offensive when I spray it on (more like spray it on my hand and swipe it on) but then she finds extremely delicious to taste. Go figure.
  • I had Friday off, so I got the noisiness fixed on the car.  I drove around with it that way until it was time for inspection.  Turns out the muffler had a crack in it.  Fanta$tic.  But I'm happy it's a quieter drive now so I can stop dying of embarrassment every time I pull into my (pricey private) school parking lot because heads were turning at the racket.
  • Today, my kitchen floor is clean and the trash is taken out.  It's just a nice feeling knowing I don't have to get up for school tomorrow.  School was crazy this past week--and I witnessed fourth graders being just plain awful to the kids who are different. I so want to be done.  But in the meantime, I'll enjoy the fact that I can have coffee while I watch Mad Men.
  • That gratitude extends far beyond having the day off--I am grateful to our servicemen and servicewomen who gave their lives and those who continue to sacrifice for us. 



Dave E. said…
How late do you go for the school year? Most schools around here will finish up next week I think, but Sis the Teacher in NYC goes until 6/26 or so. Yikes! I would rather have the full three months in the summer than the extra time they take off during the year.
ccr in MA said…
Hate to see a vet give up--I'm glad you're trying another one. Hope it continues to go well!
Kate P said…
Dave--I'm done a week from tomorrow (Friday). Public schools go about a week or so later depending on how much they have to make up.

CCR--I think there's some weird stuff going on in the back-of-the-house business of her usual vet. The Cat had her second appointment last night which did not go as smoothly (partly due to outside circumstances) but she is showing improvement so there's that.

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