Quick Update

Last week was crazy but fun with a visit from my godparents from Mexico as well as a brief visit from Younger Sister and YSF (mostly for my godparents to meet him).

Now I'm back in school mode--yes, meetings start tomorrow--and I'm a little bummed out.  Possibly more than a little.  I'm trying to prepare myself and deciding on my stock (sanity-saving) responses to questions about how my summer was.  There's nothing I can do about my lack of a tan so obviously there were not weeks of enjoying myself at the shore.  But I can talk about visiting my family and making some wedding plans with Younger Sister (sort of).  And I have plans to go to the shore next month for a family reunion, so I don't really feel my summer's completely over.

The Cat is hanging in there, although her appetite has gone funny again and she seems a little "What did I come in here for?" like an old-lady cat.  She seems to be asking for things, only she can't tell me what, exactly.  Vet visit scheduled tomorrow--doc didn't want to give her any more medication sooner than this.  That said, I might talk about pain relief with him because that's my only guess at this point as to the whole "I'm looking for something" behavior.

I'm subbing in at the public library tonight--and hopefully meeting up with my trivia team after, although I'm not sure if they settled on where they were going, because the place we have been playing regularly (since the previous place has been closed for an extensive renovation) also closed temporarily to do some revamping.  Guess I'll find out where they end up!

I definitely am sad it's the (unofficial) end of the summer, but I've already decided that next summer is going to be very different.  And very fun.  I'm putting it in writing so it has to happen, right?



Sara said…
Yes, next summer I will not have a weekend "job" and we can tear it up! We shall have fun!

When does school start there? DE started this week, and it seemed that some started two weeks ago. Please tell me that PA is still sane.
Dave E. said…
The end of summer usually hits me too, but this year it has decided to go out with a stretch of temps in the 90s, so good riddance. :)
Kate P said…
Sara--that sounds good, let's plan on next summer! :)
PA schools are all over the place. My friends live about 30-35 minutes from me, and their son started this week. Around here, most (public schools) start Tuesday after Labor Day. My students "officially" start school Thursday after Labor Day.

Dave--Yeah, in that case I wouldn't be sorry to see that go, but I just KNOW it will be 90+ for like the first two weeks of school. It was 90 in May, now it will be 90 next week, and the kids will whine, omnipresent A/C notwithstanding. Ugh!
Sara said…
Air conditioning in school???? Kids these days are spoiled. At no school I ever went to (including college) was it air conditioned. Maybe a room or two (like high school), but we sweated as we learned.

I was reading about the heat closing schools in the midwest, and the gasps of horror about the lack of air conditioning. And I thought to myself, hmmm, air conditioning in a school? Who has that?

I'm feeling old.

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