Hey La, My Car-friend's Back

It seems to be running O.K.--a little louder, but better than not running at all, right?  We won't discuss the cost, either, but it still beats buying a new car, which I am hoping is at least another three years or more away.

Other than that, same old stuff going on--working, slaving away for The Cat's contentment and maintenance, trying to keep going on my "get organized this year" campaign. I wish I had something more interesting to report at the moment but I guess that's part of the deal with winter.   

No dashing gentleman whisked me to dinner for St. Valentine's Day, in case you were wondering, but my mom made some awesome porkchops and my dad picked out a good wine.  Oh, and I got a thank-you message from my SIL saying the kids loved their valentines (with snack).

Today's my day off, and after I do my chores I am allowed to go play with Sara.  We need to catch up.  I just wish it had been warm enough to go see the horses, but I don't have a self-grown fur coat to stand in a 21-degree field.  Brrrrr.

More exciting things to report next time, I guess!



My Car: On Strike, Again

I would've had more time to catch up this weekend, only my car decided to overheat.

For the third time.  Since November.

Oh, and this time, I was on the way to my cousins' house for a party Saturday night, on a major highway.

Not fun! 

I did manage to get hold of my parents, and the car was looked at today--it was a "Don't stop until you find the problem" kind of situation.  And the whiz kid mechanic did figure out the problem.

Longtime readers (it feels funny to say that but I guess 3+ years is a long time) might remember September 2009.


Another cylinder.

I am supremely irritated, but what other option do I have besides repairing it?

And in the meantime--why, yes, I am driving around in the unsexy station wagon.

Except this time, Mom took out the hot-pink child safety seat.



And We All Watched for the Commercials

O.K., I did watch the Super Bowl--it was a good game, but I skipped the halftime show and what was up with that power outage?--but before all the football was the Puppy Bowl (and Kitty Halftime Show). They showed some pretty funny Subaru commercials during it.

The "No Questions Asked" one cracked me up, but my favorite had a kitty cameo.


Four Funerals and a Wedding

Man, I am tired of bad news.

I'd been so looking forward to getting together with Sara this weekend, but last Friday my great-uncle (last one I had on my mom's side) passed away, and the funeral's tomorrow morning.

And I got talked into going right from there to sing for a wedding at another church.  I mean, I'm happy to be offered income, and it's not as if I mind singing. . . it's just that the timing is less than desirable.  (I won't go into details about cramps, either.) 

Mustn't complain, though.

The other three funerals refer to the most recent funeral for my family (November), my Pop-Pop's good friend from high school's funeral (which is exactly at the same time as my great-uncle's), and my aunt's friend.  I guess the elders of our community aren't interested in hanging around.

Or there's some sort of bridge tournament in Heaven and they put out a call for more players.

There was a general invite from my cousin for people to come hang out at my great-uncle's house tonight, but I wasn't really feeling up to being around a ton of people (including My Maiden Aunt who probably can't wait to make a comment about my being on facebook now)

I didn't feel like arriving by myself either.  I've been feeling that way a lot lately.  Just tired of going places, walking into a crowded room, alone.  (Admittedly this story bothers me, however.)  I know it's not "all about me" and I hope nobody's offended--it's just not what I needed tonight. 

Of course, my parents probably assumed they'd see me tonight and we'd work out all the transportation arrangements for tomorrow.  Then again, it's 8:00 and nobody seems to be missing me so far, so. . . whatever.  I have things to get together for tomorrow, regardless of whether I know what I'm doing yet.

Eh, this is all environmental blues stuff--it will pass.  That's what's good about time.