My Car: On Strike, Again

I would've had more time to catch up this weekend, only my car decided to overheat.

For the third time.  Since November.

Oh, and this time, I was on the way to my cousins' house for a party Saturday night, on a major highway.

Not fun! 

I did manage to get hold of my parents, and the car was looked at today--it was a "Don't stop until you find the problem" kind of situation.  And the whiz kid mechanic did figure out the problem.

Longtime readers (it feels funny to say that but I guess 3+ years is a long time) might remember September 2009.


Another cylinder.

I am supremely irritated, but what other option do I have besides repairing it?

And in the meantime--why, yes, I am driving around in the unsexy station wagon.

Except this time, Mom took out the hot-pink child safety seat.



Solitary Diner said…
Major bummer. I hate car repairs. Mine is currently injured thanks to me driving into another car (go me!), and I'm procrastinating terribly about getting it to the shop.

On another note, thanks for joining in the blog hop!
Red Stethoscope said…
OH NO!!! I'm so issues are the worst, especially if they can't figure out what's causing it! Glad they know, but sorry about the hit your purse is going to take...ugh. Car issues = the worst.
ccr in MA said…
Oh, man! How annoying. I hope the problem is quickly discovered (check!) and cheaply fixed (maybe?).
Kate P said…
Thanks, all. I am back on track and it is sooo nice to be driving my own car again. :)

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