Learning an Entire Mass Setting in Less Than a Week

(that would be so the Director of Religious Ed doesn't kill me at practice for school's Big Deal Mass), and recovering from a post-Easter stomach bug, and getting ready to go to conferences for my leadership academy and library stuff. . .

Needless to say, there's been a lot going on.  I'm not one to thrive off pressure, so I am trying very hard to go with the flow and trust that things will go smoothly and everyone will be happy.


More soon!  I have to tell you all about the Missing Then Found Engagement Ring Miracle.  And other stuff.

Stay tuned!



In Spite of the Date, I Have Legit News

Remember the nomination I mentioned here (good item #2), and the application I slaved away on?

I have been selected!

The letter says that there were something like three dozen or so applicants (they can take only 21), and they made the choices blind (numbered the applications) and scored with a rubric.  And I was ranked among the top 21!  How awesome is that???

Yeah, it probably doesn't hurt that I'm above the average age for "newish" librarians.  But hey, that probably means nighttimes at the hotel during the summer workshop could be fun times.

So tonight I signed all my paperwork and sent it in, and the next step is about a month from now.  There's a "meet your mentor" event.  I can hardly wait.

Especially after getting a dose of this all morning.  I have been praying so I guess it could have been way worse (like all day).

It's nice to be able to talk (and think) about good things for a change.