Recap: Six Word Summaries

Oh, hey.  How's your new year going so far?  Mine?  Oh, it's pretty good.

Seeing it's been over a month since my last post--sorry!--I thought I'd bring you up to speed, but in an easily readable format.  So I give you: the past month, six words at a time. . .

Christmas: Seven Fishes, Midnight Mass, and family.

Date #1 (12/26): Much talking; kicked out at closing. (Bonus 6: postponed date was worth the wait.)

New Year's Eve: Date Number Two and we're exclusive. (Bonus 6: Hug and kiss from his mom!)

Date #3 (01/04): He cooked me Chilean Sea Bass.  (Bonus 6: Then he said Three Little Words.)

Back to School (01/05): Eased back in with reading program.

Date #4 (01/08): I said Three Little Words back.

Date #5 (01/11): He made arrabiata properly for me.*

Date #6 (01/18): Soup, snuggling, and good talks.  (Bonus 6: Checking off my Big Love List.)

That oughta get you going but definitely feel free to ask any questions in the comment box and I will answer as much as I can!



Kate P said…
*I need to explain this one. Remember how I said we ran into each other while out at dinner? He was at a nearby table and noticed (and then recognized) me because the restaurant screwed up my dinner. TWICE.
He was outraged because he's a chef and couldn't imagine doing that to someone!
ccr in MA said…
My goodness! No vague "I've been busy" for you, eh? You really have!

A chef sounds promising. (You need to come up with a nom de blog for him, unless I should just call him Him?) Now, how did you come to meet his mom already? Does he live nearby? Is this the guy you went to school with? How long have you known him, and how long is it since you've seen him? Is he a professional chef, like in a restaurant?

Basically, just keep the story going! I want to live vicariously through you. You don't mind, do you?
Dave E. said…
Three words: I am delighted.
Mari T said…

And this coming from someone who thought she was going to be alone for the next few months not too long ago! :-D
Kate P said…
Mari--You're RIGHT! And YOU were the one who said, "You never know what tomorrow brings"!!! And that was a few days before he saw me!

Dave--Awww, thank you!

CCR--saved you for last because you had SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Nom de blog: I'm going with "Chef." It's already a label.

Now, how did you come to meet his mom already? The first part of Date #2 was with his parents and their couple-friends at the movies. Also his mom knows me from when he & I were kids & went to school together.

Does he live nearby? About 10 minutes. 7 in good traffic. In fact, weirdly enough, he lives two apartments down from where my widowed late Pop-Pop lived until his death in '91.

Is this the guy you went to school with? YES. We also rode the school bus together. The bus of torture.

How long have you known him, and how long is it since you've seen him? Let's see, we actually started school at the same time, because I was a transfer in THIRD GRADE, and he started KINDERGARTEN. (Funny point of reference: Younger Sister started Kindergarten the following year.)
Obviously, I graduated before him. . . and that was 25 years ago. Kind of comforting to know I apparently don't look that much different from when I was 13 and a half. Maybe I can talk my mom into scanning a photo from my 8th grade graduation--man, I loved that blue & white dress I wore! (The stained/torn rental gown over top of it, not so much.)

Is he a professional chef, like in a restaurant? Professional chef as in head of a catering kitchen. The first time he cooked for me, he was in my li'l ol' ancient galley kitchen. . . and it was INCREDIBLE to watch him cook. I was rapt. (Ask him and he'll say the same thing.)
Mari T said…
"You are right." Some of the sweetest words, Kate. ;-) Haha... just joking.

I'm happy for you, and you certainly sound happy.

I think it is cool that he is someone you have "grown up" with, and it is certainly easier being in the same town.

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