Snow Day, Again

Or perhaps we'd call this a snow-and-ice day following a snow day.  Some roads didn't get plowed in time for the school buses, and some are just plain full of ice.

Does anybody else have winter fatigue?  Do you have the following symptoms?

*Not being able to get warm for hours after having to stand outside in the cold for more than 15 minutes

*White-knuckled commutes featuring long wait times warming up the car (oh and BTW the car's giving attitude like "Here's a CHECK ENGINE light for no apparent reason")

*Too much laundry from all the layers you put on to keep warm

*Feeling isolated because it's too icy or snowy to drive or even walk anywhere

Yeah, those all stink.  Spring is around the corner, I hope.

Other than that, things are O.K.  I mean, things are great with Chef (bad weather interference aside), the Cat is her usual crazy calico self (as a matter of fact, she just slurped herself while sitting next to my laptop and lobbed cat spit on my screen!), and I'm crazily busy with work, but those are really good things.

If I could just calm the anxiety about other things (how soon before the car needs replacing, how can I afford a new car, will I get to keep my job for next year, and so on), I think I'd get a lot more rest and have a lot more energy to keep up with things.  

It was a real treat to have yesterday off, but honestly all I did was catch up on sleep (O.K., a few TV shows, too) and actually cook something nutritious (with leftovers to freeze).  I realized I hadn't done real grocery shopping in close to a month.  I guess awareness is the first step towards making things better.

But at the very least I am hopeful that things are on their way to getting better.  And, as my word for the year requires it, I have to trust that they are.



ccr in MA said…
Winter fatigue? What nonsense, I'm doing perfectly fine here, I don't know what you're talking about. Ahem.

Life is rarely perfect (and not for long), but it sounds like you're doing pretty well right now, so yay for that!
Dave E. said…
Looking at 50s here the coming week, so if it's not there yet it will be soon. They say only 45 here tomorrow, but I'm grilling something anyway! :)

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