A Variety of Updates

What's been going on lately?  Plenty.  (And yet, not feeling as if I've gotten anywhere.)

1. Peep continues to surprise me with more aspects of her personality the longer she has been with me.  For example, now I know she likes to "chatter" at the birds she sees when she looks out the window.  She also climbed to the top of her kitty perch for the first time the other day.  I guess she realized it's a pretty good vantage point, especially when the patio door is open.

Down in front, Peep!
I have never owned a cat who even noticed TV before--and now THIS!?

2. I might be crazy, but I am looking into doing online dating again.  I'm tired of everyone saying what a shame it is I'm single when I'm so wonderful, but no, they don't know any decent single men to whom they'd introduce me.
This book arrived last night--and I stayed up a little too late reading most of it.  Hopeful it might help me represent myself better and attract the right kind of person (while putting a force field between me and any creeps).  The fun part is that I have to ask some people who know me well to help me make some lists that will in turn help fill out my profile.
As a side note, I had a bit of a panic when I was in the card store earlier today and out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy closely resembling Chef in another aisle.  The guy had a tattoo on his one calf so I knew it wasn't really him, and I know PMS can ramp up my anxiety. . . still, bummed it got to me, y'know?

3. Under a lot of pressure at school to finish up "flex time" which means "do a bunch of online courses/district classes as your professional development on your own time"--because otherwise I would have to come in two extra in-service days and twiddle my thumbs at the district office.  I couldn't figure out my total hours completed on Friday (because technically they closed an online class I was halfway through!), which was stressing me out, so I just went home and finished what I could elsewhere so I had my 14 hours (!) total.  It's more like 16--that's right, I'd have to come in TWO EXTRA DAYS because I was short ONE HOUR, but, whatever, as long as they leave me alone now.

4. The weird thing is, I had to take a few (repetitive) courses on teen suicide prevention. . . yeah, I teach at the elementary level so it felt fairly irrelevant, but it's a state requirement.  I had a bit of flashback to the time I was student teaching at the high school and I noticed the bulletin board by the front door was blank.  Dr. Red was kind of "meh" in her response when I asked to decorate it--but when I finished and showed it to her, she opened up the floodgates, admitting that she hadn't had the courage to touch it since a student had committed suicide in the hallway in front of the library nearly two years prior.

I hadn't thought about it in years, and I wound up taking a trip down memory lane looking at all my student teaching blog posts.  

That was my first year of blogging. Wow.  I'm glad I have a record of it.

I've come a long way.

I think I needed a reminder after a particularly difficult year.



Solitary Diner said…
My cats do the chattering too! I think it's the funniest thing.
ccr in MA said…
For me, too, having a record of at least some of my life was an unexpected benefit of blogging. If I want to remember when something happened, there's at least a good chance I blogged about it. Not that that's always a good thing, but still.
Kate P said…
S.D.--Yes! Like, I don't mean to laugh and insult them, but it's so darn funny. Do they think that's intimidating?

CCR--Exactly. It's a record of good, bad, and in-between. I mean, I have a journal, too, but sometimes the details are better here.

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