The Birthday Cat

The Cat turned 14 today, and she told me--in between naps and bites of tuna--that she has a few birthday wishes: 1. Never to see the vet again. I told her sorry, not gonna happen. . . and in fact the office manager wished her a happy birthday when she called to confirm Monday's appointment! She'll probably get another steroid shot, which has helped a lot, and she's been pretty good about taking her thyroid meds (at around 5 in the morning from her half-asleep human). 2. Keep the tuna coming. The main goal is to keep The Cat eating, and if possible, eating grain-free and limited-ingredient proteins for her sensitive stomach. I can't seem to wean her off Fancy Feast, but we've come to a compromise where she eats B.G. Tuna topped with Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Shredded Yellowfin Tuna. Supposedly the green bits in the Elegant Medleys are "garden greens." Huh. 3. Get her "fluff" back. Her shorn belly has been regrowing for the past nearly three months, and while it is getting harder to tell she ever was shaved, I can still tell she's still missing that little extra fluffy something. 4. Death to the chipmunks! (I told her it's not really polite to use your wishes that way, but they really do get on her nerves when they pop up on the patio, whereupon she starts seeing red and chirping trash talk at them. She even let a robin who was poking around for worms in the grass have it the other day. He looked a little dumbfounded.) 5. She also wanted to wish a happy birthday to two others celebrating birthdays today: Fiona at Little Lioness and Baby Kitty at Confessions of a Plate Addict (a fave stop of our friend PammyPam)! Because the current temperature outside according to the Weather Channel is 100 (feels like 112!) and the A/C is doing its best to cool the apartment to a budgeted 76-77, The Cat has flopped herself atop the fridge (that would be the freezer, I guess) to catch the breeze from the ceiling fan. She's a good kitty and I hope she has some good times as a 14-year-old. And of course some fun and slightly mischievous times as well.
"Wash the dishes, hooman!" But I can't--you're on my dishwashing towel!


pamlovesbooks said…
happy birthday kitty mama!! Cleo has some whiskas to share if you want them. She doesnt like to share her fancy feast with anyone other than Bailey, tho.

long live the cat!
Kate P said…
S.D.--The Cat says, "Thank you!"
(I used to take out the eerie red-eye and up the cuteness.)

Pam--Please thank Cleo and tell her The Cat totally understands her not wanting to share Fancy Feast. (Also, she is a little skeptical that Cleo SHARES it with Bailey. . .)
ccr in MA said…
Happy birthday, superior feline! From me and from Carlos. (Miri, well, you know Miri. Nothing personal.) Great picture, and you don't look a day over 12!
Kate P said…
CCR--The Cat says, "Thank you! Oh, and Miri always struck me as the quiet, card-sending type. We're cool."
Dave E. said…
Happy Birthday, Cat!

Er, maybe Your Highness is in order based on that regal look. :)
Rob said…
Happy Birthday to The Cat. She's gorgeous. Our boy is 14, too. We can't wean him off of Fancy Feast, either, but we do have to mix it up quite a bit. Don't tell her but she really needs chipmunks and robins in her life to keep her on her toes. :)
Kate P said…
Dave--thank you from The Cat! (I think in the photo she was giving me "the look" after I snapped the first pic while her head was turned.)

Rob--thank you, also, from The Cat! She is happy to know another 14 year old feline who likes Fancy Feast. (Mum's the word about the vermin. . .)
Sarah said…
Wow, 14 years old! Happy Birthday, birthday cat.
Kate P said…
Sarah--thanks for stopping by with b-day wishes! (Yup, she's the Big 14. In cat to people years, she's older than my parents.)
Happy Birthday Kitty! You look good for 14! I'm over at Baby Kitty's party myself.

Charlie the Cat
Kate P said…
"Charlie! Thank you, and you are very good-looking, yourself!"--The Cat
Babs said…
Happy Birthday Cat! You are beautiful and I'd never guess you're 14. You look so young. :)
Happy birthday from one kitty to another! And wow...14! I love it! Our Ozzie is 13! Sounds like the Cat is living the good life! Thanks so much for coming to Baby Kitty's par-tay and for the birthday wishes! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie
Terriea Kwong said…
What a charming girl. Beautiful color and sharp eyes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Her wishes are my wishes.
Terrie from Hong Kong
Kate P said…
Babs--The Cat says thank you! All that pre-party grooming paid off. :)

Debbie--It was a rough road from 13 to 14 for The Cat, but she handled it with her plucky calico ways. Thank you for inviting all the kitties to Baby Kitty's birthday bash, and happy weekend to you, too!
Kate P said…
Terrie--hello and thank you for your birthday wishes to The Cat! (You guys, Terrie does some amazing crafting work--see her blog.)
Happy Birthday to you too!


Kate P said…
Kim--"Thank you!" says The Cat. "I think your Kramer and I could share a lot of catnip stories."
Aww, Happy Birthday! :o)

My cat hates when her toe fluff gets trimmed, even just a wee little bit...They must have super sensitive fluff-sensors, hehe
Kate P said…
Rebecca--The Cat thanks you for the b-day wishes! Your Anne Shirley pretty coat reminded me that The Cat's mom was a torti. (Can you tell?) I had a "dirt sensor" theory; I think you might be on to something with the "fluff sensor," too.
BA in English Lit and an MLS? Sounds as if we might have quite a bit in common!
Romeo said…
WOW! Not just one cat birthday but three!!! How wonderful - what a special day indeed! Happy Purrday to you furriend!! I myself am approximately 13. I say approximately because "she" doesn't know as I was found and I sure as heck am not telling how old I am really ;)


Sara said…
Happy birthday to the kitty!

Alex, Vinnie, Renard, and Ace send their kitty birthday wishes too, along with notes of jealousy that some cats in this world have birthdays acknowledged and the unfairness of it all. I said that if they told me their birthdays then we might do something, until then shut up. Renard said something about "whipper-snapper" as well, but that doesn't need to be repeated. Alex would like her to know that if she would ever like to share her Fancy Feast or tuna or anything edible he would love an invitation. I said no. Vinnie would like her to know she's very cute and he misses licking calico foreheads, and wonders does she like tuxedos?
Kate P said…
Romeo--The Cat says, "Thanks, Handsome!" She likes your air of mystery.

Sara--The Cat is just overwhelmed by the kitty outpouring of b-day wishes! It's a long, weird story of how I actually know the date. I had dibs on her before she was born.
Aside to Alex: "Would this Fancy Feast sharing be 50-50? I'm more of a 60-40 gal."
Aside to Vinnie: "Ooooh, a tuxedo is very sharp!" (She has mixed feelings about forehead-lickings, though; Younger Sister's cat used to surprise her with them when we all lived together.)

I haven't seen her this flirtatious in years! My goodness!!!
Anonymous said…
Raphael and I wish you a very happy birthday! Raphael is having me write this for him as he is currently involved in napping having just had a snack.
Hope your birthdays wishes all come true, well, except we know number one is not going to happen love:D
Raphael and his mom (Beth P)
Kate P said…
The Cat sends her thanks, Raphael and Beth! (She wants to know if you guys are implying it's possible #4 will come true, which if so would make her purr with delight.)

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