It's January 2002 All Over Again

Well, not exactly. But like January 2002, I caught myself a lovely cold. (You should be grateful you can't hear my mouth-breathing, Blogosphere.) What's more, I'm on the verge of (1) moving--coincidentally or not, to the same community where I'd moved in the fall of 2002; and (2) leaving my current job. (Well, not for a few months.)

The difference is that, unlike 2002, I am voluntarily terminating my lease as opposed to being evicted (arbitrarily, I assure you). As a matter of fact, I just received the acknowledgment of termination from my current property management. It is the sparsest looking letter I've ever gotten regarding a termination. I think they edited out lines like, "We enjoyed having you as a tenant." The most hilarious line was the last: "We wish you much happiness in your new home." And here I thought they were going to end it on a sincere note.

I'm also voluntarily leaving my current job instead of the job's leaving me. That's right, on September 11, 2002 (think about how you felt that day), my boss at the time and president of our company gathered everyone--who already had been crying all morning thanks to remembrances, tributes, and plain ol' barely healed wounds--and announced, "Sad news, everyone." I kid you not; that's how he started off his speech. He was a total weinerhead and a stammering idiot to boot. Then he told us the company was closing and we all had to work one last dreaded Warehouse Sale so we could liquidate everything. This event, of course, did wonders for my lease application; my security deposit doubled the minute they checked my job status and found out my job was ending.

On a positive note, January 2002 was the month I embarked on a much-needed weight loss program. Save the "Grad School Ten," I've managed to keep it off to date. January 2002 was also the month I met the person I thought I was going to marry. It wasn't meant to be, and it was hell when it ended 3 years later, but I know I've come a long way.

January 2002 kicked off this late bloomer's life more or less, and maybe January 2008 is kicking off something new for me as well. Three of my final six courses for my Master's Degree started yesterday, I talked on the phone tonight for the first time in a few weeks to someone I started seeing in November and with whom I'm hoping things will develop in the near future, and I'll be signing my new lease shortly. I think 2008 is going to be quite a year.

P.S. I've decided to open up comments and see how it goes. I'm also hoping in future posts to talk about these topics: the name of my blog, and the high school comic heroines mentioned in my opening post. And, if I can figure out my camera, I hope to post a picture of the Christmas Tree Chewer!


Nina said…
So glad you enabled comments! Now I can say I hope 2008 brings you all you hope for. Good luck with your classes and your new place.

Kate P said…
Thanks, Nina!
Amy Giglio said…
Your old Boss sounds like Michael Scott from "The Office." Did you see the one where they were going to merge the branches at the end of season 2 and everyone thought they were getting fired? It was just like you described with 2002 boss. Only funnier, I'm sure. And maybe slightly more awkward. :)

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