What's Bugging Me

Nina's story about Troy the urban cockroach pretty much sums up my weekend if you subtract the savior-boyfriend part. Ugh. I have about six weeks left in this horrible, horrible place. It was very difficult to sleep last night after one of Troy's cousins got too close to bed, then wound up briefly in it while I was trying to scrape the s.o.b. off the wall.

The cat was very excited by the late night action, and contributed to the sleeplessness by digging at the pillows whose cases I had just changed thanks to the pest. Honestly, who says cats have short attention spans? I mean, there was a lot of time between the bug's appearance in the bedroom, my subsequent disposal of it, linens-changing, and hyperventilating. . . and she still wanted to go dig in the pillows for the long-gone pest? She does take her huntress job seriously.

I just can't wait for it to return to being a part-time job reserved for consultations on the stray spider or thousand-legger.


Joel said…
I love living in a desert with no (count 'em, NO) cockroaches. I remember how hard they were to get rid of when I lived in the city, and I still get creeped out.
Kate P said…
Yeah, Joel, I'm really worried that I won't be able to leave them all behind when I move. Already the sofa and the chair are headed for the dumpster, and that's about all my budget can replace. Majorly terrified of what will be stirred up when I have to pack.

My hair would hate it, but the desert sounds pretty appealing. So if you don't get roaches, what's the commonplace pest in the desert?

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