Haaaaaappy Place

Made it all the way to December 7th before having to put the heat on.
This fuzzball thinks it's about time (as she snuggles up to the radiator).

According to this study, cats spend over 20% of their "alone" time looking out windows. It's probably more for her, if you count the time she is asleep on the windowsill or curled up in her perch (which is in front of a window).

They're probably not in Gladys Kravitz's league, but I bet cats could dish about that one squirrel couple that always seems to be fighting on the front lawn.


Lizzie said…
Hm. More proof that Lu's actually feline. She spends an inordinate amount of time between her perch in the window and sitting on the heater reading books...

(ps: My capta is SISTA. So. Word, sista.)
Kate P said…
Lizzie--ha! We need to set up a quiz at a parenting site: "Is your baby really a cat? Find out in five questions."

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