The Not-Quite-Friday Five: UnResolutions

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Jeez. I hope everyone's Christmas was nice! The reasons I haven't turned the computer on are rather varied. . .

--picked up extra shifts at the bookstore to pay for gifts

--late, crazy Christmas Eve dinner (seriously, too many "new" people and the most overcooked crabcakes, ever) which led to wrapping gifts until 3 a.m.

--spending the past week fighting off whatever cold bug came my way courtesy of aforementioned overcrowded dinner

--dealing with inevitable post-Christmas/pre-New Year career/dating/homelife/whatever status evaluation and subsequent sadness/ambivalence/acceptance

--best one of all:

Getting carded at the casino last night.
I came out $10 ahead after about 90 minute of slots, but the getting carded business made me feel like a WINNER from the start!
("ID checked" bracelet depicted. I treasured it so much, I wore it to bed.)

While I am enjoying my libations (depicted at end of post) and watching a couple of rentals to occupy myself--and congratulating myself for not being out in the miserable, rainy weather--I will be toasting my "UnResolutions," as inspired by author and hilarious local newspaper columnist Lisa Scottline in this past Sunday's column. Below are the five UnResolutions, good things that I have done for 2009 that I plan to keep on doing in 2010:

1. Cooking experimentation. Hopefully, this will extend to the slow cookier I received, but have yet to use.

2. Growing in my new profession. I am learning a ton, and doing a bunch of things I've never done before. It's challenging at times--and oftentimes rewarding. And, hey, if the long term sub position I'm in right now turns permanent for the coming school year, all the better.

3. Staying in one place. I didn't move in 2009, and don't plan to in 2010. As a matter of fact, I plan to do as much as I can to make this place truly my home. (As much as I really can't stand the people who moved in upstairs.)

4. This one might sound a little weird and superficial, but. . . maintaining my hairstyle. I started getting my hair cut a certain way this summer, and it has really suited me. For the past few years, I hadn't been spending a lot of time and money on my hair--between grad school and battles with a head of hair that was thinning for no discernible reason for several years, it just hadn't been worth it. But, God bless whoever did Mandy Moore's hair for the July/Aug issue of Women's Health. This cut works, wavy or straight. I might go a little darker in color in a few weeks, just for kicks, but the style is staying. (Uh, attention all my beloved guy blogreaders: that's it for the girly talk. You can come back now.)

5. Blogging. I may not be the most prolific or profound blogger out there by a longshot, but it has benefited me greatly to have this little ol' blog here. I've enjoyed a lot of great exchanges of ideas, and I love all you readers who come here and put up with my angst, blather, and rants.

A toast to health, joy, and love in 2010!


Annie Coe said…
Happy, Happy New year kate.P! xoxo
Cullen said…
Happy New Year, Kate. Glad you've had some fun, sorry to hear about your cold. We're dealing with post-holiday illnesses as well, so I empathize.

Here's to a wonderful 2010!
Lindsay said…
I like the whole unresolution thing.
I too finally figured out hair in 2009 and am hoping eye makeup now sort of follows suit. :)
Dave E. said…
Happy New Year, Kate. You got a slow cooker? Best thing ever for cooking experimentation. Seriously.
Kate P said…
Annie--thank you!

Cullen--you've been sick, too? Stinks! Let's hope we're just getting it over with early. . .

Lindsay--the makeup thing is fun once you know what works for yourself. I highly recommend "Allure" magazine.

Dave--yup, I've had a slow cooker for a year. It has sat in its box in the doorway to the kitchen for a year. Sad.
Happy New Year, Kate. I hope your year is absolutely wonderful, and your students don't drive you any more nuts than mine do.
Kate P said…
HH--thanks and same to you on both counts!!! :)

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