I Might Have OD'd. . . on Fiber

Wasn't feeling that great last night. In fact, it felt a lot like the way I felt a couple days before I wound up being sent to the E.R. I decided to hold off on eating anything but a few crackers at lunch today to see if things eased, but I was still feeling the same by the end of the school day (which ran later because it's Meeting Day every Thursday).

Called the doctor's office. Got the answering service because it seems they closed the office early. Might've had to do with the weather. Drove home waiting on a call back. I thought I was going to hear from the doctor on call (who coincidentally was the one who sent me to the E.R.), but my doctor called. I was convinced I needed to go back on antibiotics--although secretly I was terrified they'd just say forget it and send me to the O.R.--but he was adamant nothing could be done unless I had a CAT scan.

Two in one month? No, thank you.

Finally he just told me to call the GI doctor who treated me in the hospital, also whom I'm scheduled to see at the end of October. So I did, and again the office was closed, so I waited about 45 minutes for a call. In the meantime, I canceled The Cat's trip to the vet to get her annual shots and after I told the office I was about 85% sure I was headed to the E.R.--which I really thought I was--they were very understanding about the cancellation.

The GI doctor was very nice, even if the call sounded as if he were in the middle of a sports bar, and reassured me it might just be a little spasm kicking up. I might have caused that, he told me, after I told him I had moved to the high-fiber diet. (I wanted salad really badly last night and had raw cauliflower. Probably too much too soon!) All I needed to do for tonight was pick up an antacid at the drugstore and consume only clear liquids for the next 24 hours. After that, I should check in with him because he's on call all weekend.

So out I went once more into the windswept pouring rain that's soaking the area--not to mention the carpet under my air conditioner, but that stupid leak finally got fixed while I was at work--and picked up what I needed. Had some chicken broth for dinner, the remainder of which will go to school with me for lunch tomorrow. Whoopee.

Things have calmed down, although not completely, but here's hoping that even if it's rainy and gray in the morning I'll be a little more in the pink.

However, part of me still wonders if somehow The Cat had something to do with stirring things up so she could avoid the vet tonight.


ccr in MA said…
Cats do have a way of tweaking the universe to get their way, it's true.

Hope you feel better!

WVW: botaphin. Botox for fish.
Mr. Bingley said…
I've found that in most cases a double cheeseburger from Wendy's solves a remarkable number of stomach ailments. :)

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