Strange Questions

We all know kids ask a lot of questions. You just never know which ones you are going to get on any given day.

6th grader: "So do you have a boyfriend, or are you single by choice?" (Yes, that was from a boy. My response: I don't have a boyfriend right now and if he knows a nice man he can introduce me.)

4th grader: "Do you think sometime we could do our work while listening to Justin Bieber?" (The look on her face said she was totally in love with him. Confirmed when she handed back her folder with love notes to him written all over it.)


Lindsay said…
I am pretty sure I would lose my mind if I had to listen to Justin Bieber...

And, also, wow. I can't believe a sixth grader asked you that! They're absolutely old enough to know better and to have better manners. Geez.
Kate P said…
I told the JB fan, "Ummmm, we'll see. . ."

As for the boyfriend question, it wasn't really rude, just. . . blunt force curiosity.

I probably got asked HOW OLD I AM a thousand times since Monday. Now THAT's rude.
nightfly said…
If your fourth-grader wants to listen to Justin Bieber, she needs to transfer into the school where Justin Bieber attends the fourth grade.
Annie Coe said…
I can tell you are having fun :-).
Kate P said…
'Fly, we got bombarded with Bieber music at the fundraising competition Friday afternoon--and it was funny to hear some of the kids COMPLAIN! So there may be some taste out there.

Annie--there are some fun moments. I still want to cry at times, though.

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