In Search of a Few Good Distractions

This is pretty much how I felt last week, especially at those darn end-of-day meetings:

Via Dr. Karen Becker.  She writes a lot of useful articles about pet care.

It's going to be another busy week for me: Big event for my middle school reading teams (and I'm not sure they're ready--two team members checked out a total of five books on Friday), choir practice (gotta be prepped for Palm Sunday & Easter), vet visit (thyroid, steroids, who knows, let's test), and dealing with the extra job heaped on the librarians because someone's still on medical leave.  

That last one, well, I wish my co-librarian would chill out about it.  She was talking about coming in during Easter vacation to assemble it, and I'm thinking, Absolutely not.  She should be with her family, including her father who's ill and needs care, and I've got plans.  Family's coming in from out of town and major home care projects.

Oh, well, I guess it's a good distraction from the other stuff going around in my head: 

* Job applications

* What I am going to do this summer?

* When am I going to have time to get some real writing done and finish that novel off for good?

* Getting older (Today, Mom pointed out I'm starting to get "elevens" between my eyes.  Only when I talk about school, apparently.  Arrrgh.)  Which of course segues into, I'm never going to attract the love of my life and The door's going to close on the opportunity to have children of my own.  Whereupon I try to tell myself, It'll happen when it's supposed to happen and Maybe it's better if I don't force a kid to inherit my flaws like food allergies, poor eyesight, and social anxiety.  Hmmmm.

The other good distraction: Mad Men comes back tonight! I'm off to finish some errands so I'll be all set to watch.



ccr in MA said…
I'm awake! I'm awake!

Cute video. And I wish you well with all the craziness, including that in your head (often the hardest to shake). Definitely don't work over Easter! If you don't recharge your batteries, you run out of energy that much faster.
Dave E. said…
Good luck with the animals(kids and the cat) this week. The rest should be relatively easy. ;)
Kate P said…
CCR--yeah, no nodding off here! Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, working over Easter is Not Happening.

Dave--thank you! I hope it's all downhill from here, because it's been rough.

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