Various Happy-Making Stuff

O.K., so it's not the stuff of super-happy proportions, but at least it's making it a little easier to tolerate Catzilla until I can take her to the vet Tuesday to get her checked out.

"It could be the steroids, but whatever it is, it makes me lie across the kitchen floor,
desperate for food, in spite of the fact that dinner was 20 minutes ago."

One happy-making thing: Mystic Monk Coffee is now available in K-cup format.

Another happy-making thing: Fitz & the Tantrums, a way awesome band, made an announcement that they have a new album coming out, and they are offering a free download of a Christmas song--"Santa Stole My Lady."  Watch out for that mistletoe.

Maybe this stuff isn't up your alley, but little things make me happy and right now I'll take what happiness I can get.



ccr in MA said…
The little things are super important to happiness; don't knock it. Plus, sometimes the little things are the only things going right, which makes them even more crucial to well-being.

Monk shots? Monk shots??
Kate P said…
Thank you, CCR. That's how I feel!

What, is it the name you don't like? I think they should've gone with MystiK-cups. :)

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