Because You Need a Good Cat Update

You don't have to admit it out loud--just know that I know you do.

So, The Cat in spite of about a month of reduced steroid dosage still acts as if she hasn't eaten all day, when in fact she ate ten minutes ago.

She is still enjoying her catnip square that she pulled out of the shipping box, and often sleeps on it as her pillow.

After today's litterbox usage FAIL--and subsequent carpet cleaning, exasperating litterbox change (larger box does not fit in kitchen sink anymore!)--I plan to try the Tidy Cats Breeze system.  I mean, The Cat does (pardon my frankness) whiz gallons and doesn't do a whole lot of Number Two if her meds are working correctly.  (Improving her aim might be another challenge but we'll see.)

And then last night she did something SHOCKING.

I've been talking about the free food extravaganza I've been having lately--well, a family gave the faculty free lunch on Thursday and there still were leftovers even at the end of the day Friday (so that was two free lunches!), so I got the last two little roast beastie sandwiches and bagged a few sweet peppers to go with them.  Got them out for dinner last night after a trip to the gymEven though the sandwiches were loaded with sweet peppers and a touch of horseradish, The Cat was highly interested.  She was thrown a couple little scraps of meat just to help me eat in peace. .

. . . then in a split second, she dove into my plate and snatched a fallen piece of sweet pepper. *crunch, crunch!*

YIKES. I watched her nervously for the rest of the night, but no ill effects.  

Except maybe laser eyes.


Solitary Diner said…
I'm curious to see how the new litter box works for you. I would love a new system that doesn't track as much!
ccr in MA said…
It goes without saying that cat updates are always welcome! Glad to hear that her thieving ways had no ill effects.
Kate P said…
S.D.--I'll let you know. I read all the reviews and they said get extra pellets right at the start, so--that $7 coupon I downloaded went to that. It just looks so. . . small. . . compared to the huge one the vet had me "upgrade" to. But she still was not stepping in far enough to keep her furry derriere in the box, so maybe she'll feel more comfortable going anywhere in this one and not just in the one corner.

CCR--She is still keeping me on my toes, that little thief.
Dave E. said…
The Cat updates are indeed always welcome. She should also welcome whatever accommodations you provide. This week I'm dog sitting for a friend and let me tell you, old Rusty isn't dawdling in our sub-zero temps.
Kate P said…
"Dave 'n' Rusty" sounds like a comic strip, doesn't it? My co-librarian was saying the same thing about how her dog wasn't thrilled about "going" outside in the cold.

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