Jack Frost Be Nipping at Everything

It was 11 degrees when I drove in to school this morning.  Yesterday it was something like 18 degrees, and I had to stand outside in it so I could direct the students into the building.

More cold tomorrow, and possible SNOW on Friday.  Winter--we weren't expecting it!

Speaking of unexpected, cold things (like how I did that?), a shipment of a week's worth of vegan meals showed up on my (metaphorical) doorstep a few days ago.

Yeah, I really did just type that.

Let me give my lovely blogreaders some background: In late August, I'd purchased a Groupon for a week's worth of prepared vegan meals.  I did it partly out of curiosity and partly out of convenience--not having to deal with the whole "Am I allergic to something in this?" routine.  So I used the Groupon voucher at the website a little later, and I got a notification that the meals would ship the week of October 10 or something like that.

The promised date passed, and nothing.  Every time I called the customer service number, I got the "we're currently closed" message, even at times they were supposed to be open.  I tried sending emails.  Finally, I went to their "customer service forum" (Really? A forum?) and saw other people had the same complaint.

So towards the end of October, I wrote to Groupon to request a refund.  The next thing I know, I'm getting a shipment notification from the meal place.  It arrived, it was O.K., it wasn't anything I'd order again, especially not at full price.

Imagine my surprise when, two weekends ago, I see a shipment notice email in my inbox.  It was no spoof/phishing email.  The company doesn't have my credit card information because I used a voucher; however, I did double-check to make sure I wasn't charged.

Well, after the box o' frozen meals showed up, I immediately threw everything in the freezer and sent an email to customer service letting them know I had not placed an order.  No response.  Not surprised.

Now I'm eating for free (blueberry oatmeal! "ocean medley" stew! snickerdoodle cookies!) and I have no idea how that company makes any money.

Maybe it's cosmic compensation for having to stand outside in the cold.




ccr in MA said…
Maybe it's because I'm not a big seafood fan, but "ocean medley" totally sounds like a flavor of cat food to me.

Still, free!
Kate P said…
Spoken like a true cat expert, CCR! I think that's definitely in the Fancy Feast lineup.

That one didn't fool The Cat, but you know what did tonight? "Chicken" nuggets! She followed me as I walked around with my dinner plate.

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