Summing It Up

Let's see, in the past week or so, I have. . .

  • Been welcomed back to pilates class after almost three years (last Wednesday);
  • Been felled by a stomach bug (last Thursday, either from the pilates class or more likely ANY class of children I taught last week);
  • Wrestled with an upper respiratory cold/postnasal drip throat annoyance that everyone seems to have (all weekend up through now);
  • Attended a bridal expo with my mom while dealing with the aforementioned cold (Sunday) where I managed to snag the top raffle prize--for the bride, of course;
  • Experienced full-on rage towards the crappy, most-likely-beta program created by the company that supplied the prior year's Computer class lessons.  (ALL MONTH.)  The more I try to use it/have the kids use it, the more problems, bugs, and errors I encounter.  I don't know what angers me more: that we're paying for it and it doesn't work, or that it is sub-par and frustrating to use by my students.  I laid it all out for the person that oversees the program, and she has had enough, too.  We'll see where we end up;
  • Taken a certain Cat to the vet where she weighed the same (still under), scratched the doctor while he was trying to take blood (he said a bad word!), and ended up with a "normal" thyroid (yay) but a low white cell count (booooo).  Doc wants her off the thyroid meds but The Cat can't do any of the other treatments (surgery? radiation/isolation? NO!). He said he'd research natural remedies and get back to me;
  • Survived another pilates class (yesterday) after flying from school to the hair salon for fresh highlights which look awesome today;
  • Received an invite to hang out with Younger Sister over Columbus Day weekend (fun!);
  • Gotten a phone message requesting an interview for a position I'd thought had closed last month after I'd heard nothing following several calls/correspondence with the HR person. Go figure.  I am ambivalent but curious so I guess I'll call back and see what the story is.    

I guess that all this just means life is not dull, right?



ccr in MA said…
Who has time for dull? Not you, clearly!

Looking forward to hearing what's up with the job op. Interesting!
Kate P said…
Doing the interview thing next week. We shall see!

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