Updates on- Well, Everything

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be Day 10 out of 13 days of nonstop work for me.  (Well, cantoring on Saturday isn't really work, but it is an obligation.)  Needless to say, I've been busy.

I'm at the midpoint of the second full week of classes, and things are going pretty O.K.  Computer's really the painful part right now, as there have been many changes thrust upon us, along with some that are still occurring.  One thing is that we're now using a cloud service, and that includes the students.  It has not been fun trying to get nine-year-olds to sign in and change their passwords (creating complex passwords, as required, is a challenge), and last week I couldn't even get them on the network due to a communication failure between the tech people and myself.  Oh, and there was a not a single meeting about ANY of this, save a general workshop for all staff, prior to the start of school!  So I'm a little tired of being pushed around ("Your class should set this up right away") and being told "yes" when what I'm asking for hasn't actually been done.

Can't wait for my first day off at the end of October.

The Cat is doing all right, still preferring lunchmeat to cat food, scratching up my furniture and occasionally bouncing around the living room.  The weather has been cooler, so that has kept her appetite up at least a little.  She even managed to catch and eat a bug last week while I wasn't home.  (Busted when she coughed it up at my feet.)

Speaking of cats, we almost lost the gray cat (pictured in this post) two Fridays ago, when it appeared he had a stroke.  It turned out his mouth and teeth were in bad shape--he couldn't close his mouth--because he has FIV.  He has been asymptomatic for most of his life, but this was a bad turn.  Mom's original choices from the emergency vet were to pull all his teeth (yikes) or euthanize him.  However, after she opted to take him overnight so her regular vet could euthanize him the following morning, the regular vet suggested pulling two problem teeth so he could close his mouth, and a course of antibiotics.  He seems pretty much back to himself.  I'm still a little sad about the FIV. I don't know if this means the other cats in the house have it or not. Might explain some unusual things, at least.

It's not all work and sad stuff, though.  I have been doing my trivia nights, and tomorrow I start pilates class again for the first time in about three years. Looking forward to getting in shape, although I feel self-conscious that my weight crept up over the summer, and I don't like being rusty at class, either.  But it's a step in the right direction.

Gotta try to improve where I can.



Dave E. said…
Thanks for the update. My little sis the NYC teacher sent me an email yesterday that said the school year has started off well for her too. No 7th graders this year has made a big difference she says.
Sara said…
I love it when big workplace changes are handled with a large degree of forethought and training so that all involved parties are ready to go as soon as the change happens. It's really magical that they always seem to flow so flawlessly!


Poor grey kitty. I'm glad that your mom waited and saved him a lot of pain or... well. :(
Kate P said…
Dave--That's funny about your sister because I was thinking about how relieved I was to pass last year's sixth graders on to their seventh grade teachers as well. I mean, I still see those guys but it's a different interaction.

Sara--Yeah, grey kitty is doing much better after such a harrowing time. But it's weird because he now has "bumped" Calamity Jane from her usual sleeping spot in the living room and we don't get why. Some strange feline politics at work.
As for the "magic," it just keeps going. My last e-mail for the day yesterday was a really pointed response to the "Just read the setup sheet and it will tell you what to do" answer I'd gotten. Yeah, the setup sheet works great if I have your admin privileges but I don't.
Nobody has the faintest idea they should stand in our shoes to look at how we're actually going to use this in class.

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