Yet Another Snow Day

Not that I enjoy rearranging my lesson plans every three days or so, but I am relishing this day off.  I needed the breather after two trivia fundraiser nights in a row (victorious in both!) and then dinner/football/Downton Abbey at my parents' last night.

The (15+ lb.) baby cat at my parents' has been under the weather this week, and I know my mom was concerned about getting him to the vet this morning so let's all say a prayer and think positive thoughts that the snow didn't make it too difficult.

It's a little after 11 a.m. here and the snow is still coming down--big,wet, soap flakes.  Pretty to look at but not nice for driving.

This storm looks huge on the radar map--has anyone else gotten (or is anyone currently getting) a storm?


ccr in MA said…
We have snow, but it's very light. Flurries, really; we're not supposed to get much more than a dusting today. Wednesday is when they say Boston will get "significant" amounts.
Kate P said…
Aha. We're supposed to get just mix/rain on Wednesday--probably the same storm. Gotta love Winter.

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