What I Did on My Second Day Off

Yup, no power at school again today.  The Cat totally thinks I'm a bum.

  • Fielded texts from my sibs asking how Mom and Dad are doing, for quite different reasons.  YS wanted to know if they were O.K.  Older Brother wanted to know if Mom would call him (so he could ask for a favor).
  • Next thing I know, I'm frantically cleaning up because Dad's going to drop off Mom on his way to the gym.  They do have hot water but it's too cold in the house to have wet hair, so Mom did the shower 'n' blow-dry thing at my place.  Also got her Internet fix (went through her overflowing e-mail in-box) and watched the finale of "Top Chef."
  • Mom and Dad had some lunch and hung out, and then Dad was getting itchy to go back home.  Before they left, I put Mom's Kindle (Christmas present from YS, paying off) on my WiFi and she downloaded a new book to keep her occupied (she totally knows how to do this, no help! Yay Mom!).
  • Washed two loads of towels and cat blankies, cooked chicken, and fed half of said cooked chicken to The Cat.
  • Left a message for one of my neighbors who is on a crusade to stop the package pilfering that seems to be worsening lately.  I had one stolen two summers back, and in the past six months I've had at least two packages opened by someone else.  RUDE.  For the most part, I try to have my packages delivered to my parents', but they don't need to know all my shopping preferences.  (I'll never forget the time my mom thought I was into something weird when I ordered a cat brush arch--like this--that came in a box marked "Magic Brush.") 
  • Got a phone call from school saying the power's back on at school and we're starting regular time--turned around and called my mom's cell to say they should feel free to come watch TV/use the computer while I'm at school.  Then got a phone call from my co-librarian who said that she wasn't going to be in tomorrow--no power, no heat, the basement flooded, and she fell coming back into the house after buying supplies.  What a mess.
  • Estimated the number of kids who won't be in because they have no power and/or no way to get to school because there still are other school districts (who provide the transportation) either opening later or staying closed.

Friday is going to be pretty weird.



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