Woke up at 5 A.M. and All I Got Was This Lousy CO2 Detector

If I see one more memo shoved under my door when I get home, I'll scream.  Yesterday, arriving home close to 5:30 (and having to get back out the door for a 7:00 pilates class), I received notice that maintenance was coming either Thursday or Friday--technically not 24 hours' notice--to install "smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and/or carbon monoxide detectors" in all apartments.  It appears the boro inspectors who came about a month or so ago didn't think we were up to code.

All I could do after pilates was eat dinner, pick up a few things, and go to sleep.  So I just set my alarm earlier (JOY) and got up to finish straightening up and make a huge sign saying, "PLEASE DON'T LET OUT THE DEAF CAT" or something to that effect.

When I got home today, I found the front closet door still open (didn't find any changes) and a new carbon monoxide detector.  Right across from the original smoke detector above my bedroom door.  I wonder if they'll both go off if there's sm-  Never mind, I don't want to find out.

In about five minutes, I'm headed back to school for--you guessed it--Back to School Night.  Fortunately, because I dared to ask, I found out I and the other special area teachers have to be present for only the two middle sessions, which because they are back-to-back will cover all of the grade levels.  (The principal decided to divide-and-stagger because So Many Students.) My fellow specials are very glad I asked.  Friendship points!

At least The Cat doesn't seem stressed out, so maybe she slept through the whole Maintenance Visit.  Me?  I'm so tired but so glad tomorrow's Friday.



ccr in MA said…
I hope Friday was better!
Dave E. said…
Hope the week ended well.

They just upgraded my dad's apartment with new smoke detectors. I was over there baking some stuff for both of us a couple weeks ago and all of a sudden the smoke detector went off. A little food had bubbled over the side of the pan, but I'll be darned if I could see any smoke. Regardless, it was suddenly blaring the alarm while loudly saying Fire! Fire! Fire!" I almost had a stroke, but instead grabbed a paper bag and fanned the device, which thankfully stopped the noise. I have a gut feeling that I was only a few seconds from summoning half the local fire department.

I'm all for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but they seem to be getting sensitive to an extreme these days.

Kate P said…
The smoke detector actually yells, "Fire!"? What if the people in the apartment don't speak English? Is there a button you can switch so it's like Spanish Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story?
Dave E. said…
I'll have to check and see if there's a "Press 9 for Español" button the next time I'm over. :)
Kate P said…
Yeah, maybe your dad would like to have Charo yelling, "Fuego!" to alert him, Dave! Ooh, or that soccer announcer, "Fue-GOOOOOOOOOOO!" :)

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