Worst. Trivia. Ever.

A teammate saw there was a fundraiser for the local Irish Center--in need of some extensive renovations, and we met up Friday night to play.

It was impossible!

Seriously, this was one of the questions: "Name four Philadelphia Irish radio hosts who are deceased."


The only thing that would've made it harder was if they'd asked the questions in Gaelic.

On top of that, our married-couple teammates had put their kitty to sleep the day before and were rather bereft.  That said, by the end of the night we were so far behind and punchy that the wife of the pair decided we should just forget the questions and make up naughty pseudonyms a la Bart Simpson's crank phone calls to Moe's.  It was fun being 12 years old for a while without all the other drama.  Plus we had beer.

Also, I really felt that the Guinness tasted better there as compared with the taste of it at the place we usually play. I don't know why, but it did.  Plus I had a nice chat with the older gentleman tending bar who told me I should come to their ball in November.  We shall see.

Anyway, the money went to a good cause and I haven't been surrounded by that many people with brogues since college when my cousin married a woman who grew up in Dublin and her many relatives were in attendance.

And maybe next week they'll call me to tell me I won the raffle for the big Celtic cross painting.

You never know.



ccr in MA said…
That is some specific trivia! Talk about keeping the outsiders out. Might as well have fun with it!

I am sorry about the cat.
Kate P said…
Oh yeah, CCR, it was like entering the Irish Twilight Zone.
My friend's still sad about the cat--totally understandable--and she said the other cat (the naughty/less-social one) is sad, too. I suggested a little heated bed because she doesn't have her buddy to snuggle with. :(

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