Really Odd Odds'n'Ends

None of these items have much in common, except that they happened since last I posted:

  • Report cards: done.  Eight and a half hours (yes, practically another work day) and a horrible cold to work through.  But they are done, hallelujah.
  • There have been a lot of children absent this week--missing on average five students per class.  Part of it is illnesses that are going around, another part might be the start of Hanukkah (but not much if I understand our student body demographics), and one more part that made the national news.  I'm not going to link to it but something terrible happened over an apparent custody battle and one of the areas was around but not really near us.  But apparently near enough that all the regional school districts said the kids can't go out for recess.  Two days of that and I'm begging for mercy.  Even with all those kids out.
  • At least after a jam-packed day of holiday-crazed, formerly-sick kids who haven't been outside, we got to have kittens in the library after school!
  • One of our afterschool clubs had a guest speaker who brought foster kittens (and a dog who was overjoyed to be around 40 children!).  The B&W kitten is trying to make a break for it.
  • I might have run into someone I went to school with over Thanksgiving weekend while out to dinner with my parents, someone who in turn by trying to track me down, found Older Brother and asked him for my digits. (Which Older Bro kindly asked me about before giving them out.) A week of phone tag might have ensued and then I might have had a couple of phone conversations. . . and I might have been asked to dinner this weekend.
  • Not quite ready for Christmas.  Tree is assembled but not decorated.  Gifts are 99% purchased but 0% wrapped.  And I don't think Santa would be wanting to make a pit stop if he saw my bathroom so I'd better clean that up, too.  (Sometime when I am not working because of course I had to take one for the team and am working the weekend before Christmas.)

A week from now, I'll be on vacation! Yippee!!!


Dave E. said…
Sammy might have wagged her tail off if she had been around 40 children.

Have a nice dinner! :)
ccr in MA said…
Well, that's a lot of pretty good news! Happy vacation thoughts to you.
Kate P said…
Dave--Oh, that Sammy, I'll bet she was a sweetie.

CCR--Thanks! Two more school days and I'm there.

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