Report Card Purgatory

If I can just get six more levels of report card grades done in the next two days, then it'll be smooth sailing until Christmas- oops, I mean "Winter Break."

I can't explain it: I'm teaching a full schedule (that's 30 classes a week), I'm tired, my brain is overloaded from learning and having to keep track of so darn much new stuff--but I'm overall very content with my new job.

It probably didn't hurt that last week one of the 4th grade teachers hosted an ornament exchange and I had a really nice time driving with one of my co-workers who navigated (and also didn't have heat in her car).  I feel more in an Advent/preparing-for-Christmas mood.

It also didn't hurt that Thanksgiving wasn't too bad--just a minor incident with a broken glass from rammy kids whose parents didn't know when to take them home.  Oh, and the minor incident with the toilet that Older Brother should've known how not to clog, considering he spent half his life living at our parents' house.  (Sigh.)  But Younger Sister and YSF loved the house blessing.

Interesting times I've been living in lately.



ccr in MA said…
I hope things are proceeding well! Has this been a tough week or what? I'm so glad that even with all things considered, you still like the new job, that's such a good sign!
Kate P said…
Tough week, month, year--take your pick, CCR. But a lot of good things have happened, too, THANKFULLY.

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