Today we are wishing a very happy birthday to The Cat, who turns EIGHTEEN today.

She's a little under the weather as her thyroid medication has been delayed in shipping--hope the vet gave the company an earful about that--but she has taken all her naps (so far) and eaten a chicken lunch.  (Well, she ate the chicken out of my lunch, which all cats would agree is the best way to enjoy food.)

This was nap #2 of the morning, atop the kitchen cabinets.

Flash back to one of my favorite pics of this crazy calico!
We've had so many adventures together and who know what we'll do next.
(I just wonder, do cats want to go for tattoos when they turn 18?)


ccr in MA said…
Happy birthday to her! A venerable age indeed; Belmont, at 16 and still going, is the oldest cat I've had so far.

I don't associate tattoos on cats with age, as Pan and Harold got ID-tattooed when they got fixed, and that's what it makes me think of (I used to call them my tattoo boys sometimes). But it's fun to imagine what she might choose, if she did!
Kate P said…
Thanks, CCR! I am sure if The Cat and Belmont got to have a little old-lady-cat luncheon over some tuna they'd have a lot to tell each other. . . they'd probably talk about us. . . and birds and squirrels. . .

(You have to be 18, at least in PA, to get a tattoo. Hee!)

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