The Mid-Summer Return

Haven't been around a while and would not blame anyone for not checking anymore!

The biggest blame goes to just not feeling well.  I got sick right at the beginning of May, with of all things an earache. I haven't had an ear infection since I was little, if ever.  (I was the only kid in the family who was NOT a thumb-sucker, BTW.)  My principal was very understanding and in fact sent me home the one day I tried coming in because I looked so bad.  (And yeah I feel really awful too.)  Then I lost my hearing in that ear, and still wasn't feeling better after antibiotics.  Another round of antibiotics to take care of an apparent sinus infection--and then I lost my voice.  I couldn't take any more sick days; I had lessons to finish and report card grades to do.  So I struggled through to the end of the school year and pretty much collapsed.

I'm still working on feeling better.  The exhaustion hasn't gone away, I have hardly any energy, which of course is doing wonders for my workouts and as a result my weight.  That makes me so sad to be down on myself but it's true.  I know my sister would like us to try on bridesmaid dresses next month and it is just hanging over my head because it is unrealistic of me to think I'm going to have a fabulously slim body by next month.  

But I'd settle for how I was back before I got sick in January, honestly.

All that said, I know this stress will pass and things will get better.  A couple of weeks ago, my GYN actually complimented me on how well I did my charts for my cycles and she definitely did see reasons to test for a hormonal deficiency.  That testing probably will start in the next week or so.  On top of that I'm looking into some stuff about helping with the undesirable hair thinning going on atop my head.  Might help.  So far I'm just burping cod liver oil.

In other news, Chef and I just marked six months together at the end of June.  We've definitely grown closer and have seen each other through some challenging things--my being sick, his (ongoing) transition into a new job (which thank God seems to be an answer to prayers).  It was really funny to hear that because I arrived later than he did at his aunt and uncle's July 4th cookout--I had to cantor the vigil Mass (let's hear it for the B team!)--in my absence everyone just kept asking where I was and saying how much they liked me!  We must be, like, good for each other or something. Hee.

Am I working during the summer?  A little more than I expected to, but I don't mind.  A staff member at the public library where I usually just work one weekend a month had to go on medical leave, so they asked me to sub in (or cover someone else covering him at our sister branch). So I'm keeping busy and making some money (towards the bridesmaid's dress and what-have-you) to boot.

One last note: if you're following the blogging about my sister's upcoming wedding, make sure you check back this weekend (or on Monday I guess!) for an update.  Mom and I are getting together tomorrow to do some planning for the (Philly-side) bridal shower.  This is my first time with this kind of stuff, so adventure awaits.




ccr in MA said…
Literally just this morning I was thinking that you hadn't written in a while, and summer can be like that but I was hoping you were okay. So sorry you've been sick! That is endlessly tiresome (I remember that cough that I got at Christmas 2013 that lingered for months, and was so miserable.) But so happy about the six-month mark!
Kate P said…
Thanks, CCR--yeah, I have been really out of it. And so tired of not feeling 100%. But in spite of that, still going strong in my love life!
Sara said…
I'm so glad to see you back!!!! I've been wondering.

My goodness, but everything sounds rather familiar - well, not everything, but for about year now I've been more tired than I've ever been and I've packed on an unfortunate amount of weight with it. I'm so tired of being tired!

Except instead of a bridesmaids dress, I'm down on myself about not being thin again for my 40th bday. I can relate.

And well done for you and Chef! So happy for you :)

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