The Friday Five: Turnabout Is. . . Fun

Well, I survived full moon crazed students and my first bookstore hours since August yesterday, and a day without my co-librarian AND one staff member (not to mention an EPIC FAIL of the internet server during first and second periods) today. Now I'm enjoying a Diet Coke & vanilla vodka and White Collar to relax.

Since last month you got to ask me questions in the Friday Five, now it's my turn--five selections for you to make:

1. White or Wheat?

2. Glasses or Contacts?

3. French toast or pancakes?

4. Mittens or gloves?

5. Garfield or Odie?

Feel free to interpret any way you like, and respond with as little or as much explanation as you like. At least four (4) responses and I will share my answers.

Have a great weekend!


Lindsay said…
1. Wheat.
2. Contacts.
3. Depends upon whether plain or if fruit is involved, and if so, what fruit. Strawberries always win. Always.
4. Mittens.
5. I'm more of a Pooky fan myself...but cats, always cats. Dogs. Blech.
Anonymous said…
1. Wheat. White bread flour smells funny. (But salad on white bread is pretty good.)

2. Contacts. It would be very materialistic to value drinking utensils above friends.

3. French toast, since making pancakes usually puts me in a bad mood, and I usually end up helping to make them. But if I'm in a restaurant and they'd make french toast with white bread, I'm all for pancakes. :D

4. I can't type wearing mittens.

5. Definitely Odie. Garfield is a lazy slob. (What do you mean, that's the point?)
ccr in MA said…
1. White. (Prefer rye, though)
2. Contacts. I've had them so long, wearing my glasses for more than an hour gives me a headache.
3. Usually pancakes, but I would not scorn the french toast either. Especially if I don't have to make it!
4. Both: what I have now looks like mittens, but has fingers inside, so they feel like gloves. Warm! If I have to choose, gloves to be practical, mittens for fun (and I want to knit some).
5. Garfield. Though Bucky vs. Satchel would go the other way, you know?
Amy Giglio said…
1. wheat.
2. contacts, although I have worn glasses for the last 8 years. I really prefer the contacts.
3. French toast. Made with babka
4. Gloves, since I have to do a lot of carseat buckling in winter.
5. Garfield.
Dave E. said…
1. Wheat, but the light kind. I can't stand bread that tries to give you a weeks worth of fiber in one slice.
2. Glasses.
3. French toast.
4. I prefer gloves, but I need a mitten for the left hand right now. I have to get that fixed sometime after Christmas.
5. Garfield.
Ditto Dave E. Except for needing a mitten.
Cullen said…
1. White, but I also prefer rye.
2. Glasses
3. Pancakes, most definitely pancakes.
4. Gloves.
5. Bill the Cat.
Kate P said…
Oh, boy, these are good! I have to run to Mass but I will be back with my answers later.
Anonymous said…
1. Wheat.
2. Glasses but only because I don't need them all the time.
3. I'm with Charli on this one. I hate making pancakes. My lack of coordination usually means I'll have to clean batter off of the entire kitchen!
4. Gloves. Several pairs. I will loose atleast one glove a season. Usually only one not the entire pair.
5. Odie! He's adorable.
Thanks for the study break! Back to exam prep mode I go. (exams this week and next!)
nightfly said…
Wheat... though in the olden days of my boyhood, I liked peeling and eating the crusts of white bread, and then smooshing it into balls of enriched goodness.

2. I have, until now, been blessed enough to be able to say "neither." My left eye is actually 20/15. My right is 20/30 with a slight astigmatism. I had glasses for a little while about 12 years ago but broke them and never bothered to replace them. My most recent eye check reveals nothing new since those days. I will get the glasses for night driving now but my eyes are actually not bad enough for contacts. Good thing, since the thought gives me the blinking fantods.

3. French toast. We used to cut a hole in them with a cookie cutter and fry an egg, over-easy, in the middle, and then cook up the mini-french-toast-pucks to dunk in the yolks.

4. Gloves.

5. I stopped reading Garfield back in the days when he still walked on all fours; before Jon was turned into a drooling moron. Neither he nor Heathcliff have been funny since Reagan's first term. I vote for Catbert and Dogbert.
Kate P said…
1. Wheat about 90% of the time. Some things just taste better on other breads, y'know? Like egg salad on white, corned beef on rye, pepperoni on crackers- oops.

2. I see better with contacts. Had 'em since I was 12.

3. If somebody else is cooking and cleaning, french toast. More dishes. I like them both, though.

4. Mittens in snow, gloves for everything else.

5. I can't believe nobody mentioned this--hellooo, Odie has a HUGE drooling problem. Can you imagine the doggie breath radiating outta him? Ick. Seriously, I was Garfield-obsessed as a kid and still have a handful of Garfield-themed things in my possession (including a Garfield book on cats that actually is very informative). And any cat who can knock off spiders is O.K. by me.
Kate P said…
Lindsay--Pookie!!! You're right, he's a good listener. And when he lost his eye, it was such a cute story, about how upset Garfield was. Not to mention all the "fixed" jokes.

Charli--nice twist on the glasses vs. contacts choice! Although I might sacrifice a few acquaintances for the perfect beverage containers. . .

CCR--I always ask for rye at brunch. And I'm wondering if you would run out of things to talk to Satchel about. I mean, he's cute, but kinda dopey. Bucky and I both hate ferrets, so there's our common bond.

Amy--you do look cute in glasses. I look dorky because I update just the lenses, not the frames.

Dave--whoa! No "colon blow" wheat bread for sure. And for pete's sake tell one of your sisters you need mittens for Christmas. We sisters like taking care of that stuff. We'd throw in those clippy things so you can attach them to your sleeves and not lose the left one again. :)

Laura--darn, Dave stole your answers!

Cullen--another vote for rye! Yay! And good old Bill the Cat. "Ack."

AC22--Hmm, maybe a waffle iron is more your speed. No flipping required. Good luck on your exams!

'Fly--Wonder Bread sculptures! And you still see Heathcliff in the comics? I can't remember the last time I saw that one.
Catbert IS the ultimate evil HR director. Devilishly good.
Dave E. said…
I completely agree with you on the egg salad on white, Kate. No doubt about it. And salt. I don't salt my food much these days, but egg salad sandwiches must be salted. Maybe that's just me.

I wasn't clear about it, but "fixed" means surgery. Otherwise my wonderful sisters would have already have seen to it that I was squared away.
Kate P said…
Dave--Nooooo! Pooky gets fixed, YOU get mittens clipped onto your coat sleeves. :) Have an egg salad sandwich; you'll feel better.

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