That's Some Post Office

Got home from school today and there was a voice mail message waiting for me. Could I come in for an interview next Wednesday?

Next Wednesday?

Did I mention that I mailed those packets out yesterday afternoon, after 4:00? And mentioned I was missing clearances (that I said I'd have by the interview date, assuming as usual it would be a month from now)?

I'm a bit freaked out, but I have to stop for a moment and just be grateful. After having to explain about the clearances, I thought they'd drop my application into the "circular file."

But now I'd better make some arrangements. And get out that interviewin' suit.

'Cause it's gonna be showtime again very soon.


ccr in MA said…
Whoa! This is good, this is very good.

Will now make note on calendar to keep fingers firmly crossed for you all next Wednesday.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Bingley! Thanks, CCR!
Rob said…
Good for you, Kate. Good Luck.

pamlovesbooks said…
i feel like deja vu. so i musta already said good luck!
Dave E. said…
Excellent. You know the drill, so I'll just wish you good luck.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Rob!

Pam, it's getting to be deja vu about this time every year. . .

Dave--thanks and yeah, I guess I do know the drill. Feels like a drill.

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