Lecturing Deer in the Road and Other Weird Chores

I've been going at a pretty fast pace at school, partly because school is closed today and tomorrow, and also partly because there's all this other pressure--like the kickoff of a major reading group thing across the grade levels (can we say, "team drama"?) and the possibility that I will have jury duty three days next week (and maybe beyond). Oh, and my co-librarian's dad is having surgery next week, too, so she's going to be out.

Today was a chore day.  Make the phone calls, take out the trash and recycling, get the dishwasher run, try to get The Cat to eat.  (Yeah, as of yesterday, The Cat has been picking at her food.  She seems as if she wants to eat, but food tastes bad to her or something.  The vet did say that steroids sometimes alter tastes.  Maybe I should make her a salad.)

Tonight, I dropped my car off for an oil change and a look-see at that pesky starter problem (which happened twice today but fortunately not before Mass).  Mom offered me the use of her car (you know, the man-magnet station wagon with the baby seats in the back) and I ran a few errands.  Decided to take the back roads home, and sure enough--three deer in the road!

Deer 1 hightailed it to the other side.

Deer 2 slowed down but eventually ambled across.

Deer 3 stood in the middle like the proverbial deer in the headlights.  Guess who got a lecture from me?  Eventually Deer 3 decided to run for the other side as a car approached from the opposite way.

Never a dull moment around here!

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to helping my mom sort out her digital camera problem--and at this point I'd rather the camera be broken than the memory card unreadable, because she took photos at my Pop-Pop's 90th b-day party--and picking out a Christmas tree for my parents' house.  

More about that b-day party, books I'm reading, and maybe a new photo of baby nephew, soon.



Dave E. said…
I could have used your deer scolding talents last night after I just missed one.
Kate P said…
It really did work, Dave--I haven't seen one since! (Um, I'll go knock on wood now.)

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