Adventures in Jury Duty

It all started with the joy of getting up at 5:30 to feed The Cat. . .

  • Train ride
  • Four-block walk (ruminating on how much I do not enjoy being in the city by myself)
  • Stop for coffee
  • Walk too far and--after enjoying the view of Louise Nevelson's sculpture--ask a nice older gentleman who I think was wearing a city uniform (not sure for which service) to point out the entrance to the building (BTW Sara knows why I know who Louise Nevelson is)
  •  Get purse x-rayed by security, then personally scanned by security and thanked for doing my civic duty
  • Instructions delivered live by one person and then via instructional video read by a justice who says "particular" the same way my Great-Aunt E. used to ("par-tick-ler")
  • Wait through all the names called and numbers assigned, and there I am near the tail end of the second selection set
  • Seeing the inside of a courtroom, with a real judge!  Neat!
  • Sitting through all the questions. . . I honestly could not say yes to any of the screening-out-problems questions, and being at the tail end--not selected for the jury!
  • Back to the waiting room where it is freezing; reading for about half an hour
  • Another half an hour later, after all the other "non-selecteds" have returned, we get our certificates and are outta there
  • Walk four blocks back
  • Have a soft pretzel and some Coke Zero (to settle my stomach which was bothered by "woman troubles" all morning) and people-watch as I wonder what happened to what used to be a nice shopping center (fugly neon and sequined clothes in the display window? Yuck!)
  • Miss the train by a couple of minutes, of course; sit and read and people-watch some more
  • Finally back to my car by 2:00
All that adventure--and to think, I get a check for $40 or so in the mail for it in a couple of weeks!

I wonder how things went at school without me. 


ccr in MA said…
How nice that you get paid for it! In MA your employer has to pay the first three days. Happy civic duty and all that.
Kate P said…
CCR--in PA, you get paid, but I believe most employers ask you to surrender your check because they pay you as well. Although one small perk at my school is that they let you keep the check. Such as it is.

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