The Cat Is Handling My Return to School Well

Just in case you were wondering.

I've gotten home around 4:30 or 5 the past two days, and she's been conked out in her kitty cup back in the bedroom.  It's hardly an insult that she's not at the door to greet me (a.k.a. make a break for it into the hallway), and in fact it's kind of fun not waking her.  When I came home yesterday and found her sleeping, I backed out of the bedroom quietly and sat in the armchair as I watched a little TV and opened the mail.

Within a couple of minutes, I heard a "MEOW!" and there she was in the doorway of the bedroom.  I think she was a bit groggy and couldn't see me around the corner in the armchair, so she had to do a "Where are you?" yell.

She has been sleeping a lot, and that partly could be due to her thyroid.  When we went to the vet two weeks ago, they tested her and found that her thyroid was acting up again.  Not really a surprise, because she'd been refusing to take her meds, and even when I was trying to grind them up and hide them in her food, she wasn't really eating her food so that didn't help.

9 pounds--one pound down from June.  Which is, again, the whole hyperthyroid/picky eater thing.

So I renewed my efforts, and tried the Pill Pockets again (good thing there were some left in the bag and they're fairly fresh still).  Her compliance is about 90% with them, although I do find that while she almost always eats the Pill Pocket I give her before breakfast, she's not interested in the ones before dinner.  I don't get it.  They're from the same bag!  She really can be weird sometimes.

But why shouldn't she be weird?  She is kind of funny-looking.

I mean, just look at those crazy kitty toes.



Anonymous said…
Aw! I want to squish her!!!
ccr in MA said…
Ah, I love the pawses.

One frustrating thing about cats is that they will never grow up enough to understand the whole But it's for your own good! thing.
I have yet to meet a cat that behaves in a remotely logical way. My Hobbes cat will ignore me all morning until I'm ready for work, and then he'll yowl and trip me as I'm trying to leave the house because he wants attention.

Why do we love these creatures so much?
Kate P said…
Angela--If you had any idea how soft her fur is, you'd find it even harder not to squish!

CCR--I talk to her about her "toeses" all the time. I think it's funny they don't match. . . and yet, they ARE calico-colored.
I do think if anything they actually get MORE opposed to medicine as they get older, too.

S.D.--Reverse psychology: cats are masters at it. I think we love them because when it's good, it's REALLY GOOD. I mean, The Cat is one heckuva mouser, a good snuggler, and a BP-lower-er (pet a purring cat and you know what I mean).
LibraryElf said…
D'aww! So cute!

Do you want/need more pill pockets? I got them for The Grey Cat when I was supposed to give her meds once (never happened) and still have most of the bag. They upset her stomach (and when there were pills in it, she managed to eat AROUND the pill).
Kate P said…
LibElf--thanks for the offer. (And YES The Cat has done what Grey Cat did. She also has taken the treat in her mouth and then spit it right back out again.) I might take you up on that so I can finish out the prescription.

After that I am toying with the idea of doing what Sara does for her cats, where the meds are compounded into treats.

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