Hey La, My Car-friend's Back

It seems to be running O.K.--a little louder, but better than not running at all, right?  We won't discuss the cost, either, but it still beats buying a new car, which I am hoping is at least another three years or more away.

Other than that, same old stuff going on--working, slaving away for The Cat's contentment and maintenance, trying to keep going on my "get organized this year" campaign. I wish I had something more interesting to report at the moment but I guess that's part of the deal with winter.   

No dashing gentleman whisked me to dinner for St. Valentine's Day, in case you were wondering, but my mom made some awesome porkchops and my dad picked out a good wine.  Oh, and I got a thank-you message from my SIL saying the kids loved their valentines (with snack).

Today's my day off, and after I do my chores I am allowed to go play with Sara.  We need to catch up.  I just wish it had been warm enough to go see the horses, but I don't have a self-grown fur coat to stand in a 21-degree field.  Brrrrr.

More exciting things to report next time, I guess!



Anonymous said…
Hey, pork chops and awesome wine makes for a pretty fab Valentine's Day, I think :) Glad the car is hanging in there!
Annie Coe said…
Lucky you being with your parents on Valentine's Day, cherish those times, I miss my mom and you always wish you had more time.
Glad the car and kitty are okay.
Kate P said…
Angela--I'm glad someone agrees! Thanks for the car wishes; it's going well so far.

Annie--I'm sorry you miss your mom. :( It's true there we always want more time and that's why I just enjoy every day with the kitty. Even when she discovers it's fun to climb on the bureau at 4 a.m. and start singing and dancing. . .

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