The Only "Woo-Woo Stuff" I Believe in

If you've been following the blog for a while, you might have seen me mention Mercury Retrograde at least once (or several times).  It's pretty much the only "woo-woo" kind of thing I put stock in.  

O.K., maybe the "full moon makes the library patrons crazy" thing, too.

You might have noticed I didn't post much during December.  Part of it was that I worked nineteen days straight--two weekends in a row at the public library in addition to two full weeks of school.  I didn't even get the usual half-day leading into Christmas vacation from school, as we went all the way to the Friday before.  

The first weekend at the public library I'd taken as a favor to another reference librarian who had relatives coming in from out of town earlier than expected.  It snowed that Saturday, and because it wasn't in my power to close early, I had a white-knuckle, white-out drive home in the dark.  Not fun.

But that was mild compared to the following weekend.

The next Saturday, about an hour before closing, there was an incident.  I'll spare you the details but a guy did something pervy (involving saliva) to a female patron who was minding her own business seated at a computer.  The guy left before the police could get to the library (stuck down the street dealing with Christmas shoplifters at a store).  And I spent two hours with the police and had to go to the station to give a statement.  It was going to be difficult to catch the guy because we don't have security cameras and I wasn't close enough to describe him in great detail, but we all did the best we could and our director commended the staff on how we handled the situation.

I did have a little fun the next day when an officer came by to check in, and upon seeing the officer engaged in a conversation with me, a mildly irritating patron who had been attempting to boss me around suddenly turned into a pussycat--ha ha!  But overall, the experience left me completely drained and not very interested in celebrating Christmas.  Really terrible timing, not that there's a good time for something horrible like that to happen.

So why am I talking about this now?

Because I found out this weekend that they caught the guy. Specifically, the patron--God bless her, she's a nice person and very cool for not avoiding the library afterwards--happened to be at the library the other day and that jerk came back in.  She followed him out to the parking lot and got a good look at his license plate to report it to the police.

Mercury retrograde often has you revisiting things from the past--sometimes good (like resolving a previous problem situation) and sometimes bad (running into a ex).  

I'm glad it was the former with this case.


Dave E. said…
Good, I'm glad they eventually were able to catch him too. Sorry you had to deal with that. I think sometimes people underestimate the damage those guys do.
Kate P said…
Yeah, Dave, I mean, even though this is a public place we try to promote it as a fairly safe and family-friendly place for people. It feels a little better now.

It took me a while to figure it why another guy seemed "spooked" after I had to walk behind his computer to pull some of the nonfiction DVDs. I'd only seen the screen briefly before he'd closed it and jetted off the computer, but it looked like Craiglist. . . and I know for a fact there are many an unseemly post in the personals with naughty photos attached.

An accidental bust feels good too.

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