To Auntie Seraphic: Thanks for the Singular Words on Singles

Some of the regular readers here might also be readers of the Seraphic Singles blog (and the regulars might have noticed the template change at this ol' blog--better, I hope?) and know that Seraphic (a.k.a. "Aunty Seraphic") is closing out her chapter on blogging about the Single Life.

I personally want to thank her for all the sympathetic words, straight talk, spirited discussions, and connections fostered among many Christian women on the interwebs.  There may be a lot of blogs out there about being single (mine included), but there was something special about what she offered to singles.  And I'm grateful that she prays for us singles, too.  I know she does.

So I'd like to thank her by making a (virtual) spiritual bouquet.

I am going to offer five rosaries in the coming week for her and her intentions.

If anyone wants to join me, please feel free to do so in the comment box OR e-mail me and I can update it/her.

Thanks and so long, Seraphic Singles.



Mary said…
Thank you so much
for organising this
Kate! Could you please
include in the bouquet
a Mass and Rosary from
me for Auntie Seraphic?
Many thanks!
Kate P said…
Certainly, Mary! :)
Seraphic added that if we are praying that she and B.A. will be blessed with a baby, we invoke the intercession of the late Fr. Kenneth Walker.
Mary said…
Absolutely, will do!! :) Thanks again Kate!
p.s. Love your blog!
Kate P said…
Aw, that's really sweet--thanks, Mary!
Mrs McLean said…
You're welcome, and thanks!

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