I still am being run ragged by my schedule.  Late-night phone calls with Chef probably don't help, but there's no changing what time the kitchen is open until at the restaurant where he's working.  But we promised to talk each day and it truly is the best part of the day.  I've got a lot going on--what else is new--but I am racing towards the finish line that is the end of the school year, along with an interim finish line that is May 2, when my leadership program will be done. . . culminating in a presentation at our conference.  The good news is that our group did not have to rewrite our presentation, only do some revisions.  

The bad news is that that I don't recall whether I used cards for my talking points or if I did them from memory!

So, in addition to finding and sifting through my folder from July (which had gotten shoved aside when I was hired for my new job) for those cards that might or might not exist, I want to work on. . .

  • budgeting (I'm using YNAB as recommended by a few of the Not Alone Series gals). I've watched a lot of tutorial webinars and while some of it was helpful, I think the approach I'm taking makes the most sense for me.
  • getting all the required paperwork in to the state to get my permanent teaching certification--hopefully my old school will fill in one of the forms for me. . . I've just been too afraid to approach because they might not do it just out of spite. Or lack of organization.
  • charting. Trying to figure out all the NaPro/Creighton codes? I'm second-guessing myself a lot, and getting frustrated.  I have another "tutoring session" scheduled tomorrow which I hope will clear up a lot of the confusion.  And I just need to keep trying and not get discouraged by my perfectionist tendencies, because I really want to find out if there is something to help me not feel so lousy each month.
  • Getting in all the projects and assignments for each grade at school.  Some of which I am attempting for the first time.  Many, actually.  But they need to be done so I'm completing the curriculum and I have grades to enter.  (You know, my least favorite thing, grades. Ugh.)
  • Healing my little diverticulitus-side-effect completely, coming off the annoying medicine, and getting back to my normal, healthy eating regimen.  I'm tired of watching my weight creep back up and feeling there's nothing I can do until I'm done with this "low fiber" requirement.  I miss real fruits and veggies.

I know it's a lot to get done.  But I'm pretty sure at the very least I will be doing a happy dance on May 3 because I'll be almost there.



ccr in MA said…
Busy, indeed! But good to hear that you're doing okay with balance and all. And really, it is almost May, crazy as that seems to me.

My mother's just coming off treatment for diverticulitis, too--no fun at all!

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