Update Coming Soon!

It's the start of Holy Week and it actually looks as if I will have some time off at Easter (unlike years before).  I will have time at last to catch up all of my (remaining) readers on what has been happening.

All you need to know for now is. . .

  • I still miss The Cat, very much (and no, there's no replacement)
  • I still am dating Chef (Saturday marks one year and three months since our first date!)
  • My work is still challenging as ever (surprise).

Catch you up on more soon!


I scrolled through my blog list yesterday and noticed that it had been a very long time since you last posted. Happy to see you're still doing well and that there are more posts to come!
ccr in MA said…
Looking forward to hearing the latest.

The Cat will never be replaced. There may or may not be a subsequent cat at some point.
Kate P said…
Thanks, gals!
Rae said…
1. There is no replacing a friend like the cat was to you.
2. Yay, that makes me so happy for you too.
Looking forward to the big update.

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