Decisions, Decisions

This afternoon, I rearranged part of my living room. There's no coffee table, so there's a lot of space in between the TV (against one wall) and the sofa (against the wall, directly across from the TV). The armchair that had been positioned to the left of the TV got moved to where the sofa was, moving the sofa down a bit--it's a long wall--and angled away from the wall.

I like the new setup, and I'm going to like it even more once the rug I ordered (in chocolate) to go in the middle of the room arrives, but I'm baffled as to why it took so long to figure it out. I mean, I've lived here over a year. I seem to have a bit of a block when it comes to interior decorating. Odd, being that art paid some of my way through high school. Maybe it's all the decisions.

And I have more decisions to make. Another public YA librarian position, with nearly twice as many hours and about 15-30% greater hourly pay, came to my attention via a mass e-mail from the central branch in our system. It's in this same system--which could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it. Still not full time, but at least I'd be able to afford to buy my health insurance when my student insurance runs out in August.

I don't have much to lose by applying--except it could cause problems for me at my current library if words gets out that I applied. There's already this "You're gonna leave us" attitude toward me, though--and who could blame me? I'm working two jobs and barely getting by. The weird thing is that the assistant children's librarian brought me a copy of the job opening--apparently unaware I was on the same list--with a note reading, "This might be a good part-time job you could do instead of [the bookstore]. (Just don't leave us!! [smiley face])"

With a diplomatic smile, I explained that I tend to work about 8-18, maybe 20 hours at the bookstore. The open position is two to three times that amount. I don't know if she didn't do the math, or she actually does not know the amount of hours I put in at the library, but to do work for our library + the other library = nearly 50 hours a week. They're both YA positions, so odds are that they'd need me to work the same times of day.

Do I want to kill myself trying to be in two places at once?

Do I want to get stuck in a public librarian position?

What if I can't get a full time school position for the fall?

Decisions, decisions.


Amy Giglio said…
Pray on it. No need to act NOW.
Mr. Bingley said…
Apply for the new place.
Kate P said…
Amy--good point; will do. I think I get nervous about the financial situation (especially when The Price Is Right gets interrupted for bailout press conferences, like today) and the panic starts in.

Bingley--yeah, I figure I don't have much to lose.

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