The Friday Five: WWWWW

1. Who isn't sick of sa-whine flu updates by now?

2. What can I do for fun this weekend (once I'm finished with the laundry)?

3. When can I finally put my winter clothes away, without the chance of one last cold spell?

4. Where should I go for the mini-vacation I'm taking after commencement (yay!) next month?

5. Why am I so tired? (Wait, I know this one: my co-workers at the bookstore invited me to go to the 12:01 a.m. showing of Wolverine after work last night. My thoughts? Good cast, some good dialogue and comic book feeling moments, but kinda. . . superficial, for want of a better word.)

Have a great weekend!


Lizzie said…
I have to turn off the radio when the swine flu updates come on. So done with them! It's the same lame information every time that reporters seem to really want to turn into something huge and scary.
Anonymous said…
#4 me too! Ive been instructed to go find a beach or something. lol
I hope all this swine flu nonsense is over by then.
Cullen said…
J-mom and I went and saw it last night. It was a fun movie, a good popcorn movie. But yeah, there was a lot of little things that if you stop to think about too long will derail your enjoyment of the movie.
Kate P said…
Lizzie--You're so right--it's all repetitive: radio, TV, web. Enough with the aporkalypse already!

AC--Those are instructions I would follow to the letter. :) Does this mean you're officially done?

Cullen--yeah, and the Wall Street Journal's review said pretty much the same things both you and I did.
I was seated between my two co-workers who are both schoolteachers by day. At the end, the one on my right leans over and says, "He told Gambit to make sure the kids are O.K., and then Gambit just lets them go off in a helicopter with some guy they don't know!?" Hilarious.
Annie Coe said…
I can relate to #1!.
Planning to see the new Star Trek movie next week - we can't wait!

We'll be in Mississippi then, to visit family and get our kid packed up, and attend her graduation on Saturday (YAAAAYYYY!) and we plan to hit the theater on Friday to see that sucker. The kid is so pumped. (How many 22-year-olds want to go to the movie with their parents?) (Maybe I need to stop referring to her as "the kid" now.)
Anonymous said…
Not just yet, 40ish days and then six semesters of law school.
Dave E. said…
"the aporkalypse"

Bwahahaha! That is so perfect.
Kate P said…
Annie--it's everywhere, isn't it?

Laura--graduation time! Yaaaay!!! (And hey, I go to the movies with my parents, too. I want to take my uncle to see the Star Trek movie.)

AC--law school's coming up? That's great! :)

Dave--I know, isn't that hilarious? It's not my word but I totally adopted it. Cracked up the high school kids with it this afternoon.

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