Interesting Recent Exchanges

Tuesday afternoon, outside of the polling place for the state primary. I try to avoid the people outside because it always seems that the wrong party approaches me (stereotype much?), and I usually have my own list of candidates with me anyway, but one guy in a nice oxford and dress pants called over to me and we happened to "match" party-wise. He brought over the sample ballot and explained things a little. It's a good thing he did, because there were a lot more offices--not to mention candidates--on the ballot than I'd expected. Something funny happened when he got to the judges.

Party Dude: O.K., so these are the judges endorsed by the party.
Me: Oh, O.K.
PD: Basically, these two--if anybody did something bad to a child, these two judges would be their worst nightmare.


PD: I mean, that's a good thing.
Me: Oh, absolutely.

I think I was stopped a little in my tracks at the thought of someone hurting a child that it took me a sec to get the rest of that. He kinda was, too, I think.

Today (Wednesday), I had to go to a workshop--it turned out to be really great. The presenters were good and it was nice being able to talk shop with some like-minded/like-purposed librarians. (Also got a wake-up call that I need to check the challenge policy at the library because we have never discussed it.) However, it was an all-day thing that took me a good half-hour drive down the Turnpike (where people were driving like weirdos) to get back, and I was tired on top of feeling a little under the weather. So by the time I got to my Turnpike exit and had to pay the toll, I was a little frazzled. I never know whether to make the toll-taker wait for me to read the ticket and determine my toll, or just hand the ticket to him and let him tell me.

Me: I don't think I read what the toll is. [Looks at it for a second, but as the grid blurs-] I can't read it. [Hands it to Toll Guy.]
Toll Guy: Let's see. That'll be One Hundred Ninety. [He's joking--it's $1.90]
Me: Uh, will you take $2.00?
TG: Well, if that's all you have on ya.
Me: Thanks. Oh, and could I get a receipt?
TG: Nope, no paper for you. [Again, joking]

He was such a cheerful guy--I love it when they're nice. That must be a frustrating job sometimes.


Lizzie said…
I don't think I could have gracefully recovered from the PD's comment either - one of those "wait...What?" moments! Hah!
Kate P said…
Yeah, it was like "Aaah!" and "Aha!" at the same time.

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