Counting the Hours

No, not until Christmas is here--vacation from school! The altered fourth graders I had today were the final straw.

The students are dismissed at noon, and as I understand it, they basically don't have classes. Instead, they have a parties in their respective homerooms. I'm not sure what's going to be going on in the library, other than drop-ins from students who are returning/renewing books (or paying fines if they know what's good for them). Also, I suspect the secretary might go into hyperdrive de-Christmas-ing the library. (You know, because it can't be done the first week of January.) Whatever makes her happy, as long as she doesn't make us crazy.

As for me, I will be trying to clear my desk (because the PTBs seem to comment an awful lot about my desk's appearance--they're educators; why can't they respect the way I think?), posting lesson plans online, and wrapping up some stuff with this reading event. Said reading event is making me count the hours even more. I got a call from one of the parents today, and she implied in not so many words that her child is stuck on a team with a bunch of losers. (I'm sorry--is it "win at any cost" or "foster the love of reading"? Is it possible that kids you think aren't great readers now could improve as they read and talk about the books?)

As an aside--does everyone else often find that when people preface something with, "With all due respect," they're about to levy an insult?

Well, in any event, God provides, because right before she started with me, I made a last minute addition to her child's team. An addition of a super-reader. With whose parents she is apparently best buds or something. She jumped all over that with gusto, and I left her to it and wished her Merry Christmas. But boy, those implications really made me sore.

If I can make it to noon, and then survive a couple hours at a staff Christmas party (pollyanna included!), then I'll be really looking forward to celebrating Christmas.

Even if I haven't learned all the music for church.


ccr in MA said…
You can do it, you can do it! Good luck!
Rae said…
It's nearly noon so I'm sure you are making it!
Yes, that phrase is a precursor to an insult.
When I was in school, I hated group events. Because they would divide the super readers and put us with the kids who were in and out of juvie. Now as an adult, I realize how hard it is for educators who form those groups.
Merry Christmas Kate!
WV: Patel, heh I've never seen names as a WV.
Kate P said…
CCR & Rae--thank you! Today went pretty well and I came home with some gifts. :)

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