Is it just me, or have most people been running non-stop this past week?

I survived the only choir practice for Christmas that I could make--and no, I still don't know some of the music. I think I'll just sing softly on those parts. Or move my lips.

I also survived two meetings--one with adults, one with children--on a big thing at school that I'm more or less in charge of. (Oh, what did the curriculum director call it? My "baby"? Ugh.) But not without nightmares and kids' dropping out (or hiding to get out of it--why do parents sign kids up for things they don't want to do?) and just general confusion. The parents who are helping out are pretty great. It's just all overwhelming.

The Cat seems to be having a repeat bout of her summer sickness--which is why I have been up since before 7 a.m. today. I have to go to the laundromat after church. I also have to call the vet tomorrow because I think all this does point to hyperthyroidism and I need to haul her in for the test. Not looking forward to that.

However, I am pretty proud of myself that I remembered I still have medicine from the summer left over (and it's still good). And--because it's really hard to pill a cat--having no Pill Pockets, I improvised with a piece of soy cheese which I remembered she looooves (seriously, she goes nuts when she hears the wrappers--they're like Kraft singles) and got a pill into her.

Maybe I should've led with that success story.


ccr in MA said…
I think ending with a success story works just as well. Good luck with the continuing saga!
Kate P said…
Thanks, CCR--it's a saga, all right. Apparently on the library event front, too. The parents I raved about are starting to turn. . .

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