Let's Play a Game (Done! Nice Going, Peeps!)

I need to distract myself from the 200-some bucks I just spent at the vet. The Cat was her cute timid self. . . right until she got that anti-nausea vaccination--they do all the procedures in a room behind the exam room, but I certainly could hear her giving the vet a piece of her mind. He still called her a sweet kitty anyway, and was not surprised when she swiftly leapt out of his arms, barely skimmed the exam table, and landed right inside her carrier, which was on a chair. She was ready to go home and probably would've started the car if I'd given her the keys. With the Christmas holidays, we most likely will not get test results until next week, but all signs seem to point to hyperthyroid.

So let's play a game.

I have all three of my sixth grade classes this week, and I wanted to do something Christmas-related (because I can! One of the few perks of working in a Catholic school!) but still somewhat teaching research skills. We're getting into citation and plagiarism--I did explain to them that even if they use their own words (paraphrasing), if it's someone else's idea then they must give that person credit.

Paraphrasing is a bit of a new word to them, so why not show them in a fun and exaggerated way, and even relate it to the season?

Here's what I did with today's class--see how many you can get. I gave you the first one as an example. (After about ten minutes, I let them use a dictionary and/or thesaurus. . . but remember that they are sixth-graders and you probably know more songs!) All have been solved!

Christmas Carols in Other Words

1. (Example) At one’s abode for the vacation = Home for the Holidays

2. Happiness to Earth = Joy to the World--Rae

3. This is a trio of royal leaders from the Far East = We Three Kings (of Orient Are)--Rae

4. The holiday season that lasts a week and five days = The Twelve Days of Christmas--Rae

5. Array, adorn, decorate, and embellish the corridors = Deck the Halls--Dave E.

6. Tucked securely in a cow trough = Away in a Manger--Rae

7. The earliest yuletide = The First Noel--Dave E.

8. Oh tiny municipality where Jesus was born = O Little Town of Bethlehem--Rae

9. Exalted heavenly beings we have perceived by our ears on a lofty, exalted place = Angels We Have Heard on High--Nightfly

10. Tintinnabulate tocsin boulder = Jingle Bell Rock--Angela Noelle

11. That one arrived on a middle of a night translucent = It Came Upon a Midnight Clear--Nightfly

12. Dancing in the vicinity of the decorated conifer = Rocking Around the Christmas Tree--Rae

Sources: Highbeam, Yahoo!Answers (it has some answers so DON'T CHEAT!), Teach 'Em How to Fish


ccr in MA said…
Fun game! It took me a while to get 4, and I'm still not sure about 10 and 12--I know I'll know them, but I'm not quite clicking. Still, not bad for first thing in the morning.

I love the image of the cat leaping into the carrier. I always thought it was funny, how Pan and Harold hated the carrier at home (no! don't put me in there!), loved it at the vet (let me back in it!), and hated it at home again (lemme out, lemme out!).
Rae said…
I love this idea! So cute.
Ok lemme give this a try
2. Joy to the World
3. We Three Kings
4. Twelve Days of Christmas
5. hmm
6. Away in a manger
8. Oh little town of Bethlehem
9.Hark! The Herald Angels sing(?)
10. ?
11. I should know this but I'm drawing a blank
12. Rocking around the Christmas tree
Dave E. said…
heh...good quiz!
5. Deck the Halls.
7. The First Noel.

In the Christmas spirit, I'll leave 10 and 11 for the next person. Yeah, that's it. ;)
Kate P said…
CCR--I wish you had put your guesses in the combox! If you know any of the ones not solved yet, put 'em up!
The Cat hates the carrier so much that I have to close the bedroom door to take the carrier out of the closet in stealth. Otherwise, she go up on the fridge or something.

Rae--good job! They're all right except 9 but you are close.

Dave E.--correct so far! I don't know why, but the kids really struggled with 5. Maybe it was the extra words?
nightfly said…
Great game!

9 is Angels We Have Heard on High (making pleasant vocalizations above the grasslands)

11 is It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

10... drat. Something to do with Ringing or Jingling... Gosh, I sound like I'm advertising a circus.
Kate P said…
'Fly--good job on 9 & 11. Those were definitely tough ones for my students. You are getting warmer with #10.

Hint: Start with the last word.
Anonymous said…
Jingle Bell Rock!!

We did something similar to this when I was in school--actually I think it was in 6th grade--and I was just trying to explain it to my parents!
Kate P said…
Yay, Angela!!! How cool that you did something like this as a schoolkid.

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